How to Make a Hang Drum / HandPan

Firstly, my apologies. For drawing you here with the promise of instruction on how to create a Handpan. Because making one, is not going to be something, that I’m going to be able to teach you. However, in fairness, that’s not information (at this point in time) that you’re going to find anywhere else on the Internet either, in complete form. So instead, I’m going to point you in the direction of several resources, that while not complete in their instruction, are about the best you’ll currently find on the net. And that may be of some use, if you’re serious about constructing your own HandPan, in setting you along the right path.
How to Make a HandPan - Tips
* The following document is probably the most in-depth article regarding the creation of the Hang to be found on the Internet, due to the fact that it was released by PANArt themselves. And is something that anybody considering constructing their own HandPan should have a read of. READ NOW.

* The following was one of the earliest documented attempts / guides to making a Hang drum style instrument online. And while not complete (at time of writing), this guide will certainly be of interest, to anybody seeking to make their own HandPan from scratch. READ NOW.

* If you’re truly serious in your quest to build your own HandPan, you’re definitely going to want to read the following account of ‘Dingaling’ and his ‘DANG’ HandPans. Through which you’ll learn what it really takes to build your own Hang style drum. And probably pick up a few tips and pointers along the way. READ NOW.
* Learn how to tune a steel pan. Easier said than done for sure. But while you’re certainly going to need a few tools and a lot of skill to make your HandPans physical shell. It is said to be the tuning process, that is really the difficult part. And the part which blows the plans of most potential HandPan makers away. By watching the following videos you’ll get some idea of what it takes to tune a steel pan. VIDEO 1VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3.


* 'Steel Pan Tuning' - A free online handbook for steel pan making and tuning.
* Back-to-basics Handpan-making with Colin Foulke.
* Watch an 'SPB' being tuned: HERE (and a 'GU' being formed: HERE).
* Video of Kyle Cox tuning a Pantheon Steel Halo
The Birth of a Russian HandPan (Amazing Video!)
* Handpan fire oxidation and hardening (A video from Live-Metalart).
* Another short tuning video of Victor Levinson
* Making a Shell (Video)
* What Metal is the Hang Made From?
How to Make a Coffee Can Steel Pan (learn the basics of tuning a note)
* A step-by-step photo guide for creating dimples (on Facebook)   * PDF Version *
* Hammering Dimples (video)
* Short documentary on HandPan Maker Nobuya Yamaguchi
* Hang drum Dimensions
* Making of a HandPan (cool blog)
* Two Tuning Vids from Hand Steel Pan: Vid 1 * Vid 2
* Building a HandPan Tips for Beginners Video
* Making a Gu (Video)
* 'Exchange of Knowledge' HandPan Facebook group (closed group, contact page admin)
* The Pantheon Steel Web-Store - Makers Section (tools, pre-formed shells, etc.)
* LINOTUNE - HandPan tuning software (as used by Pantheon Steel).
* Steel Pan Tuning DVD for sale from Dave Beery (maker of the Genesis).
* Nitriding
* Sinking a HandPan Shell - Sped Up Video
* How to tune Handpan: Basic tuning (20 min long video):
* Pre-Sunk Blank Shells
* How NOT to make a Hang drum
* Heat Treatments and HandPan Colouration
* Short Making Video from Ayasa
* Fine shaping a Handpan Note (video)
* Sinking Handpan Shells (video)
* Felix Rohner building a Handpan (video)
* Tuning video with Dave Beery
* Short Handpan shaping video
* Handpan Tuning 101 - Short video with Justin Perkins
* Secrets of the Steelpan - a book review by Hang-maker Felix Rohner
* The Shellopan FabLab - Building supplies, etc (France)
* Blank Handpan Shells for Sale - from Isthmus Instruments (U.S.A)
* Jimmy''s House of Hammers (specialist equipment for Handpan makers)
* How to Build a Handpan (page by Saraz Handpan)
* Hydroforming Handpan Shells (with Colin Foulke)
* Tuning Session Videos from db Handpan: Video 1, Video 2
* Google Images (search term "make build handpan").
* The developments, creations, and influences section in its entirety: HERE

Or alternatively, you could start off by making yourself a 'HANK' drum instead: LEARN HOW.
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