Masood Ali Khan - Hang Drum / The Yoga Sessions

Whether you’re into meditation, yoga, or just chillin’, sometimes exactly what you need  to help get you into the right kind of mindset is, well, something a lot like: ‘The Yoga Sessions’, by ‘Masood Ali Khan’.  Deep, throbbing, resonant, bliss.  Primitive in many respects, yet timeless.  Tribal, yet enlightened.  If the Buddha had owned a Hang, this is possibly how he’d have played it.

Born and raised in London, and currently living in Los Angeles (at time of writing), Masood Ali Khan, has been practising yoga for over twenty years, and was the head of the teaching faculty for ‘Human and Universal Energy’ at the ‘Open International University for Complementary Medicines’, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and (strangely surprising to find), also, a top international fashion model.  Masoon Ali Khan’s music has been described as being a ‘healing stream
of rhythmic magic’, and to me, that seems like a fair assessment.

This is love, life, and infinite harmony.  Disected into their base parts and then transformed into sound.  And you can download it directly onto your MP3 player: HERE
Or alternatively, you can visit Masood Ali Khan, over at his website: HERE, or visit him over at Facebook: HERE.
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