Portico Quartet Get a New Hang Man - Enter ‘Keir Vine’

Keir Vine
Keir Vine
Arguably the worlds most well known ‘band’, that feature the PANArt Hang within their mix, are the Portico Quartet. The 2008 Mercury Music Prize nominees, and the artists behind two great Hang-infused Jazz albums (to date), ‘Knee Deep in the North Sea’, and ‘Isla’.

Recent rumours however, have suggested that the Portico Quartet were ditching, or at least moving away from the Hang, as a main influencing force shaping their sound. And heading in a more ‘electronic’ direction. Something that seemed to be confirmed by the news that the Portico Quartet’s Hang man ‘Nick Mulvey’ would be leaving the group. Reducing the quartet, to a trio.

However, it was announced today (17th May, 2011), that while Nick Mulvey would indeed be leaving the quartet, they had found a replacement, in the form of ‘Keir Vine’, a talented keyboardist, and Hang player. So that while not with its original members, the Portico Quartet would remain complete (at least in numbers).

And so while there has been some talk from the band themselves, that the Hang would be taking a back seat on their next album, the recruitment of a new Hang man suggests that for the foreseeable future at least, the PANArt Hang will remain firmly entwined within, the ethereal sound of the awesome Portico Quartet.
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