‘Hang Drum US’ Hang Drum Replica - A New U.S. Made HandPan?

(?) Are you searching for a list of Hang-like instruments made in the US?  Search here instead.

[UPDATE!] - This HandPan now appears to go by a variety of names Hernan Drum', and 'HandPan.US, being among them.  And a more recent post about them can be found: HERE.

(Note - the following text is now somewhat out-of-date, but does still serve some purpose as an historical reference).

At this point in time we’re not entirely sure what a ‘Hang Drum US’ is. The first time I stumbled across their website I was wary, it was all worded a little bit scam-like, and I wasn’t convinced. Then recently I stumbled across an auction on eBay that was offering a ‘Hang Drum Replica’ for sale, under the same name ‘Hang Drum US’. This got me thinking, that perhaps this WAS a new member of the HandPan family after all, and an alternative American made instrument to rival the Halo. However, looks can be misleading. Because while the listing makes mention of the complicated procedures involved in tuning a Hang, it also states much lower down the listing, that a ‘Hang Drum Replica’ (with the emphasis on ‘Replica’) is exactly what this item is.

In other words, it’s an ornament. It looks the part, but doesn’t play
. So if what you’ve been searching around for is something that looks like a PANArt Hang, that looks great and comes with its own display stand, but isn’t tuned in the slightest, this could be just what you’re after.  But if on the other hand you’re looking for an instrument, and not a coffee table decoration, you may want to give this a miss. Especially at a price of $500, which is more than the original first generation (tuned) PANArt Hang cost when they were first sold.

However, we’re not writing these off completely just yet, because it could be that this is the first rushed step towards something greater, because their website does mention a waiting list that can be signed up-to, to procure a tuned version of the Hang Drum US, with the reassuring statement (for an instrument with no online evidence of its existence other than a few pics) that ‘no payment is necessary until the instrument has been received and tested by the customer’ (at time of writing), Which at the price of $1,500, for an unknown instrument from an unknown manufacturer, is exactly what we’d recommend (at this point in time).

[EDIT] Hang Drum U.S. have since updated their eBay listing for their replica to expressly state that they are for decorative purposes only, and the price has been reduced.  However, they do now appear to be on sale from at least four different eBay stores/accounts, each with zero feedback, make of that what you will.

To delve deeper, you can visit the Hang Drum US eBay store here, or visit their website: HERE.

Hang Drum Price Guide - How Much Does a Hang Drum Cost?

There really isn’t a definitive price, that can be set as the exact amount you can expect to pay for a genuine PANArt Hang.  Because with demand far exceeding supply, purchasing a PANArt Hang can prove to be very costly indeed.

If you’d bought a Hang drum back in the early days of its release you should have paid no more than around $400, for a first generation Hang.  But following both the massive exposure of the Hang to a hungry global marketplace via the internet, and later developments and increased production costs in the development of later generation Hang’s, chances are, you’re never going to be able to purchase one for anywhere near that $400 mark again.

Should you be invited (having previously written to PANArt) to purchase a Hang directly from PANArt, it is believed that the current price (2012) direct from its makers (at time of writing) is 2400 Swiss Francs (around 2000Euro / $2600).

And should you go the secondhand route, the sky’s the limit.  If by some miracle you were able to find a musician willing to sell their Hang and who chose to honour PANArt’s wish that a Hang should never be sold for more than its original purchase price, you could grab yourself a bargain (though it seems unlikely), and should you bid on one of the secondhand Hang drums that frequently appear for sale on eBay, you can expect to pay anything up to $10,000 for your Hang, with the average price being somewhere between $5000 - $7000.

[Update] October 2013, PANArt announced that they will no longer be making ANY Hang.  They will however now be offering their new (and relatively speaking, similar) instrument for sale, named the 'Gubal'.  Watch videos of the new PANArt Gubal: HERE

[Update 2015] >> Hang Prices Continue to Rise <<

[Update 2016] - A list of prices at which Hang were sold directly by PANArt over the years, - from birth to retirement.

How to Build a Hang Drum - Virtually

Making a ‘virtual’ Hang drum is easy.  Although not necessarily cheap, or effective.  But seeing as we didn’t get a new PANArt Hang for Christmas, but did get the opportunity to mess around on a friends new iPad, we decided to make the best of a bad situation, and ‘build’ a virtual Hang drum, by downloading onto the iPad one of the Hang drum apps we discovered available for download a few months back now.

And while it would be fair to say that few owners of PANArt Hang’s (or any other HandPan for that matter) would trade their instrument for a virtual Hang (even with a free iPad thrown into the deal), it was still a lot of fun to play around with (for a short while).  The iPads
perfect touch screen combined with its larger size (than an iPhone) and the ‘relatively’ decent digitally synthesised Hang sound offered by several of these hang drum apps; made this a great way to pass a few hours over Christmas.  Playing what is essentially, the worlds first lap-sized, virtual Hang drum.  Although, fun as it was, if you don’t already own an iPad, or don’t already have one on your wish list, it probably isn’t worth making this your sole reason for buying one.  But should you already own one, go play.

Manu Delago - Music Made in Silence

‘Manu Delago’ is not just one of the most talented Hang players within the newly forming HandPan music scene, he is also, arguably, the most successful, accessible, and well-received.  Standing alongside the likes of ‘Davide Swarup’, and ‘Dante Bucci’ as a master of his craft, Manu Delago plays like he was born with his hand attached to a Hang, demonstrating skills that amaze both all who listen, and the viewers of his YouTube videos alike, earning him his place amongst the current Hang musician greats.

With just short of three million views (at time of writing) of his YouTube performance of the song ‘Mono Desire’ from the album ‘Made in Silence 2’, Manu Delago’s fan base is growing rapidly.  And with the same song having been featured as the soundtrack to a ‘Nurofen’ television
advert, and also having been voted ‘Best Hang Drum Video’ by a Facebook Hang fan page, Manu Delago continues to delight the ear drums of all who stumble across his work.

Austrian born, Manu Delago, discovered the Hang back in 2007, a discovery that combined with his natural talent would lead to his travelling of the world extensively, performing for those in awe of the beauty of the Hangs singing voice, coaxed from the resonant steel instrument by the accomplished fingers and palms of Manu Delago.  And in addition to the World tours, YouTube performances, and the organising of advertising deals.  Manu Delago, has also found the time to record ‘six’ albums (that we know of): Made in Silence, Living in Room, Handmade, Adventions, Made in Silence 2, and Colouring Book.  Go have a listen: Manu Delago Albums 

The HAPI Drum - HAPI Tones Hang Drum Alternative

Probably the most well-known brand of commercially produced Hank/steel tongue drum type instruments available are the ‘HAPI Drum’, produced by ‘Hapi Tones’, the ‘Hand Activated Percussion Instrument’, that are being widely promoted around the Internet by fans as being, perhaps, the best all-round alternative to the PANart Hang (drum), for those unable to procure one, based on cost, easier availability, and a whole host of additional factors, not least of which is the HAPI Drums own uniquely beautiful singing voice.
An easy-to-play intuitive instrument, HAPI Drums are currently available in three versions: The HAPI Drum original, HAPI Drum Slim, and the HAPI Drum UFO
.  Each with its own advantages and benefits.  Built from the highest quality musical steel and utilising the vibrating steel tongues common to all Hank drums, the HAPI Drum are precision crafted, with the musical steel being pressed within HAPI Tones own unique molds, before being hand tuned and finished, to create the instrument that is fast earning its creators HAPI Tones the right to stand alongside PANArt, as innovators riding proudly this new wave of 21st century hand-played resonant steel.
Costing between $345 and $645 (currently) depending upon the model, HAPI Drums, are available for purchase from the HAPI Tones website: HERE.

The Hang Drum and the Music from the Nurofen Express Advertisement

Following on from my discovery that the Hang drum was to be found being played within the soundtrack to the latest (at time of writing) Harry Potter movie ‘The Deathly Hallows Part 1’, I now find myself listening out for and discovering the Hangs easily recognisable tones in the most obscure of places. And so it was that while eating my tea on a cold and snowy evening while surfing the net with the television on in the background; I heard the Hang being played as the soundtrack to a new advert for ‘Nurofen’, a range of pain relief medication popular within the UK, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

Being quite possibly the Hang’s debut within the world of commercial advertising, the song being featured is ‘Mono Desire’ by ‘Manu Delago’, a beautiful song that with just short of three million views on YouTube, is widely regarded as being the most popular Hang drum video (and possibly song) in the world (to date).  And with the Hang’s close ties to meditation and healing therapies, the song is somehow appropriate in its use promoting pain relief.

‘Mono Desire’ can be found on the album ‘Made in Silence 2’, which can be downloaded from Amazon here: Made In Silence 2

Hang Drum Music - Hang Drum Radio and Live Performances

Those looking to excite their ear-drums with the exotic sounds of the Hang could do a lot worse than paying a visit over to the ‘last.fm’ Hang drum radio station. Because not only can you check out the latest tunes by the likes of ‘Dante Bucci’, ‘Davide Swarup’, and ‘Manu Delago’, some of the most well known and talented names within the Hang music scene, you can also find free Hang drum music downloads, and preview and purchase the best Hang albums available for sale online.

Plus, and this is without doubt one of the most handy features of last.fm for lovers of Hang music everywhere, is the ‘events’ tab, which lists any live performaces or gatherings that may be going on in your area anytime soon. And nothing sounds more beautiful than the Hang being played live by somebody who really knows how to make it sing.
You can visit the last.fm Hang radio station: Here.

The New ‘Baby’ Caisa Drum - ‘BakPac’ Caisa for Buskers and Travellers

Following on from the success of the original Caisa steel handpan, Bill Brown and co. over at Kaisos Steel Drums, have been working hard to perfect and evolve their creation, in order to provide the musicians who come searching with the perfect instrument to suit their needs. Hence ‘Baby Caisa’, also known as ‘Bakpac Caisa’, the new smaller sized Caisa drum designed with the busker and traveller in mind.

Regular sized handpans can be pretty bulky, making them difficult to transport, and even at times, quite tricky to balance firmly within your lap while playing. Both problems that the new BakPac Caisa solves in one go, because with a diameter of only 45cm’s, and weighing in at under three kilos, baby Caisa, can easily be taken away on your travels
with you, enabling you to share its beautiful voice and lift the souls of those around you, wherever you should roam.

Available in two designs, three tunings (C-Pentatonic, C-Minor Pentatonic, and D-Pentatonic), and featuring nine precisely tuned notes, the Caisa BacPac currently costs around the 800 Euro mark ($1050), and takes roughly ten days for your custom made instrument to be produced and sent winging its way, into your eagerly waiting hands.  

Or visit the Caisa-Music.com website for more information: HERE

The Hang Drum Monologues - By DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan

While we won't be publishing a post about every single Hang drum video that gets uploaded online, beautiful as the majority are, occasionally one comes along that stands head and shoulders above the average YouTube upload, that does deserve a little nod and a tip of the hat in its general direction, and a few extra eyeballs sent its way.  And one such video is ‘The Hang Drum Monologues’, uploaded to Vimeo by ‘DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan’, teacher, traveller, musician, and poet, whose cinematic musical offering really is a treat for the eyes, ears, and the soul.
Strangely reminiscent of 'The Doors', mixed with a little 'Baz Luhrmann' (Everybody's free to wear sunscreen), a little 'Fight Club' ideology, and more than a little of DreamingBears own flavoring, The Hang Drum Monologues, carries
the listener away on a journey of 'Lovevolution', that starts with some fantastic candlelit Hang playing, accompanied by inspiring verse. before holding your hand and guiding you through the multiverse and beyond, with half beatnik poetry and half self-help video, assuring you that should you search for them, enlightenment and inner peace, are both yours to achieve.
And that's all we'll say about it, because the rest of the journey is yours to experience. So make yourself a coffee, crack open a beer, pour some wine, skin one up, or just sit back, and enjoy this under its own steam. And prepare to be hypnotised, by the audio/visual feast that is: The Hang Drum Monologues.  You can watch the video above, or go and offer DreamingBear your support over at his Vimeo page: HERE.

What is a 'Hank' Drum? - The Hang Drum Inspired Invention of Dennis Havlena

If you don't know what a 'Hank' drum is then you're probably not alone, with most people only discovering them following a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to them, from an initial search online for information regarding the 'Hang' drum. Invented by ‘Dennis Havlena’ in 2007, born from an at least partial frustration at being unable to procure a PANArt Hang, the Hank drum is an instrument constructed from an empty propane gas tank, that mixes the characteristics of the Tambiro, with the layout of the Hang, to produce an instrument type with a singing voice that at times, is as equally beautiful, as the hard-to-find Swiss made instrument that inspired its creation.
With a name formed by combining the words ‘Hang’ and ‘Tank’ (for obvious reasons), a Hank drum is a relatively easy to make instrument formed from an empty propane tank, with a varying number of tuned steel tongues (usually between six and twelve) cut radially into its surface, that as Dennis Havlena himself states: if you can tune a guitar, and use a few basic tools, YOU CAN
build this drum.
Also known by the names: ‘Tank drum’ and/or ‘Steel Tongue Drum’’, Hank drums can either be homemade following the instructions generously uploaded by Dennis Havlena (see links at end), or can be purchased in one of its now commercially available forms, such as the ‘Zen Tambour’, the ‘HAPI Drum’, and the ‘1TONE Eclipse’, all of which have taken the original Hank drum design and made it their own, to produce Hank drum variations each with their own unique design, and signature voice.
In addition to the Hank drum, Dennis Havlena, has also built a variety of other Hang drum inspired instruments, from the likes of guitar strings, golf balls, and PVC tubing. You can check them out: HERE
Or alternatively, If you're feeling suitably inspired to build your own Hank drum, you can check out Dennis Havlena's detailed instructions, notes and guide: HERE


Xplosive Percussion Tank Drums

While there's not a lot of info on the guys over at 'Xplosive Percussion', if you're in the market for a steel tongue/tank drum, you may want to go check them out.
Formed by 'Clint Wilcox' and 'David Stilwell' in May, 2008, Xplosive Percussion strive to produce the kind of quality built instruments that would make 'Denis Havlena' (inventor of the tank drum) proud.  Handcrafted from custom built steel tanks, and with eight playable precisely-tuned tongues per drum, Xplosive Percussion tank drums are available in a variety of keys, scales, and professionally painted finishes, that really do make for a great looking instrument with a more than pleasant sound.
And with their tag line being: "When you strike
a drum, you connect with 10,000 years of human history. When you play our drums, you connect with the future." 
they pretty much sum up the Hang/handpan/tank drum phenomenon of recent years as a whole. With the converting of mankinds oldest and most stable of instruments, into one of our newest and most eclectic yet.

When available, you can find these great Tank drums for sale over at their eBay store: .
Or for more Information: * Website * YouTube * Facebook *

BEllArt BElls HandPan - The Spanish-Made 'Hang Drum' Alternative

(!) This post may now be out of date - but has been left published for archive purposes.  It may still prove to be of interest, but some (or all) details may now be out of date (!).

Built in Spain by, ‘Luis Martin Eguiguren Garrido’, BELLArt BElls, along with the Halo, and the Caisa, were among the first HandPan to be made available for sale, following the popularity of, and demand for, the original, the PANArt Hang.

Considered by most (at time of writing) to rank among the best HandPan available (especially later generation). Luis’s BElls, are increasingly sought after, often demanding prices almost as high as Hang themselves, when sold at auction on eBay. 

Arguably the HandPan closest to the Hang in design, with certain generation being very close, in terms of aesthetics at least. BELLArt, have attracted the negative attentions of PANArt (the original makers) over, and above any other HandPan maker. With legal battles being fought over copyright infringements.

Like the Hang, BElls were born from the union of characteristics found in such instruments as the steel pans of Trinidad and Tobago, the Chinese Gong, the Indonesian Gamelan, the African Udu. A Hand-played steel pan like instrument BELLArt BElls, envelope the musician and audience in a field of exotic surround sound. BElls usually come with either seven or eight notes (depending upon the model) positioned around the central base note, and like most HandPan, notes are positioned in an ascending alternating (zig-zag) pattern, that allows for intuitive playing.

BELLArt BElls have been produced in a wide array of different versions, and sound models, from the ‘standard’ model, which usually features seven notes tuned around a D ‘ding’, to therapeutic healing BElls - such as the 432Hz tuned BElls ‘Whimfire’.

With the last known price being somewhere around $1500, BELLArt BElls have proven to be an extremely popular alternative both for those who have found themselves unable to purchase a Hang, and for those with whom the BElls distinctive sound has found favor under its own merits. In fact, BELLArt Bells have proven to be so popular, that due to high demand, its creator is no longer (at time of writing) taking orders, and has stopped his mailing list (at least until the first 1000 BElls have been produced, and shipped to their owners). Issuing notice that any and all new information will be posted via the BELLArt forums.

For more information: * BELLArt Website * BELLArt Forum *

Check the makers page for more information: HERE

The Garrahand - An Evolution in Steel Tongue Drum Technology

If ever an instrument were to be sent back from the future, by a mysterious organization known only as Skynet, in a bid to change the world of drumming forever, then the Garrahand, would most likely be it.

Created by ‘Federico Parra’ and ‘Ary Lacanna’ the ‘Garrahand’, is a great looking, and increasingly popular percussive instrument, based upon the steel tongue/hank drum design. However, where the Garrahand differs from many of the homemade propane gas tank drums, the Garrahand, is custom built from scratch, with the various components from body to the electronic elements, being built professionally, and constructed across four separate factories, to guarantee the sort of high quality build (usually) associated with other high-end commercially produced instruments.

A versatile all-purpose hand drum, the Garrahand, can not only be played acoustically
, to offer a pleasing sound not dissimilar to that of a meditation pan, but can also be jacked in to take advantage of the Garrahand’s in built pick-up system, and plugged straight into an amp, mixing desk, or effects pedal, to unlock a whole new world of playing possibilities.

Made from highly resistant steel, and with seven tunable tongues per drum, the Garrahand can be played either with hands or muffled sticks, has an in-built volume control on the side, and even features a mounting socket for attaching to a cymbal stand (if required), making the Garrahand the perfect hank drum style instrument, for those who like a little more to play around with.  And an instrument suitable for any type of drum-required situation, from meditation and healing work, through to a full octane charged live rock-show performance. And with Christmas just around the corner, a Garrahand, is certainly going to be sitting pretty, at the top of my own Christmas wish list.

Find Garrahand drum for sale at the makers website: HERE

How to Write a Letter to PANArt (When Trying to Buy a ‘Hang’ Drum)

Of course I can’t really tell you what you should write in your letter to PANArt, because nobody really knows what the best thing to write is, in order to guarantee the successful procurement of a Hang. But I can tell you this, I have recently had it made very clear to me by somebody (who at least claims to be in the know), that the notoriously long waiting list associated with purchasing a Hang drum doesn’t exist (as such), but instead, it is the initial letter, or ‘application', sent by any wannabe Hang owner, that determines whether an ‘applicant’ will EVER be successful in their quest to get their hands on a Hang.

The ‘Hang’ is not a ‘Drum’

Sure, we call the Hang a drum all the time on this website, even though we know it isn’t one, because the fact is that 90% of people searching the Internet for information on the Hang type ‘Hang drum’ into their search engine, so for right or for wrong, for the the time being we’ll continue to do so, to attract visitors, the life-blood of any website, even if it does upset the ‘true’ Hang trustifarians.

But if you’re writing a letter to PANArt, you’re not looking to attract visitors, you’re looking to purchase a Hang. So rule number one: Never call the Hang a drum. They don’t like it. Technically it’s not a drum, but a resonant steel instrument of the idiophone class, and having invested a lot of love and time in the creation of the Hang, they prefer to refer to it as a ‘Sound Sculpture’. And calling it a drum in your application (it is said) will pretty much ensure from the start that you never hear back from PANArt.

Do you Resonate?

So instead of a long waiting list, what is actually said to exist in its place is a selection process, of sorts. And of course nobody but PANArt themselves (and perhaps some of their closest 'disciples') know exactly what qualities are required by them in order to qualify the applicant as a potential Hang owner. But it is known that PANArt only allow ‘the gift’ of their creation to be bestowed upon musicians who ‘resonate’. Individuals with a respect for the beauty of the Hang, and the work that has gone into its creation and evolution. People who aren’t likely to play it once, and then shove it up in their attic with all their other fads tasted, never to be seen again.

Get your Inner Hippy on...

While we’re not suggesting that faking being a "hippy" (if you’re not the traveller type) is a good idea, because it probably isn't.  Going by the many Hang performances featured on YouTube, Hang owners are often seen sporting: dreadlocks, shaggy beards, Thai style fisherman pants, hemp t-shirts, and the like. Which can mean one of two things: Either it is the ‘traveller’ type individuals who are naturally drawn towards an instrument like the Hang, or it is these type of applicants, who are considered more frequently by PANArt, to be a good match for their instrument. And as such, it is this type of person who is often more successful in their application.  Make of that what you will.

Write your Letter

Job application-esq resume?  Begging letter?  A letter of empathy with PANArt's cause?  An epic poem telling of your love for the Hanghang?  a single beautiful word, carefully iced onto a cupcake, and sent to PANArt through the mail?  Or perhaps, just a simple, short, direct letter.  Giving your name, and a few sentences explaining why you'd like to own a Hang.

Only you can decide.

Send your letter to:

Address:  PANArt Hangbau AG, Engehaldenstr. 131, 3012, Bern/Switzerland

And then wait.  With fingers crossed...

[Update] October 2013, PANArt announced that they will no longer be making ANY Hang.  They will however now be offering their new (and relatively speaking, similar) instrument for sale, named the 'Gubal'.  Watch videos of the new PANArt Gubal: HERE

From time to time PANArt are known to take a hiatus (a break from building) during which people are encouraged not to send letters requesting Hanghang/Gubal.  Additionally, price, and/or the procedure for purchasing instruments direct from PANArt might change a little over time.  Two websites that have close ties with PANArt are 'Hang Blog', and 'Hang Forum', both of which are useful for obtaining the very latest information regarding the current status of production, and the latest guidance for the purchase of Hang/Gubal (!Though do be aware that these two sites are operated by PANArt 'fanboys' - and while they can be very useful for obtaining information on the Hang/Gubal, we would refrain from seeking advice there on any other HandPan, as they have proven historically to be heavily biased, and extremely negative towards anything (and everything) non-PANArt made).

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