1TONE ECLIPSE Steel Tongue Drums

Arguably the steel tongue drum (currently) closest to the ‘Hang’ in both build and sound, the ‘ECLIPSE’ steel tongue drum produced by ‘1TONE’, is the beautiful handcrafted, hand-tuned, percussion instrument, that is really setting the bar high in terms of standards for other steel drum manufacturers to match.  You’ll find no recycled propane tank at the heart of the 1TONE ECLIPSE drum, as instead this instrument is constructed from two hand-welded carbon steel shells, that form the base of this precision tuned masterpiece of resonance.

Even featuring a ‘Ding’ (top central domed note) and ‘Gu’ (resonating opening at the bottom) that while common to HandPans are lacking in many steel tongue drums, the 1TONE ECLIPSE is currently
into its second generation, an evolution that has brought with it sharper and purer sounds due to breakthroughs in steel tongue tuning techniques developed by 1TONE, each individual steel tongue now features an octave overtone that empowers the tongues fundamental note, while the central Ding offers a more bass-heavy note that compliments those that surround it.

Available (at time of writing) for around $500 plus shipping, the ECLIPSE steel tongue drum is a robust, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful sounding instrument, that offers real value for money when compared to some of the more highly sought after handpans such as the Hang, and you can find them for sale over at Amazon, or via the 1TONE website here.

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