The Orbis Magneto - A Magnetic Handpan Wall-Mount and Stand

At this point in time there are plenty of Handpan stands on the market, and at least a few wall-mount solutions. But this hybrid wall-mount / Handpan-stand from OrbisMusic is certainly pretty interesting…

The Orbis Magneto

Combining both a wall-mount, and a Handpan stand the Orbis Magneto holds a Handpan in place using 10 strong neodymium magnets. At an angle that would seem to make such wall-mounted play quite accessible. Made from steel and aluminum the wall mount itself is of an attractive design, and appears to be wrapped in a rope-braiding that matches that which can also be purchased and used to decorate the rim of your Handpan (as also seen in the picture above).

First thoughts at first glance with the angle of the stand, had us wondering if this could in any way be dangerous to the health of a Handpan, i.e. could it fall off. But judging by the video below it seems to have the strength to hold a pan firmly in place, even while being played. Though the instrument being demoed does wobble in its seat a little, particularly when bottom notes are being activated. But as long as you’re not overly heavy-handed, it looks like the Magneto should be fit for purpose. And likely no more perilous than the majority of other stands out there.

Check it out below…

There have been various experiments conducted over the years utilising magnets to manipulate a Handpans sound, even to the point of altering a Handpan's tuning (temporarily at least).  One interesting example of which can be seen in this video featuring an electromagnetic device called “Magic Hands” from back in 2013. But that’s arguably an extreme example, and what, if any, effect upon sound might occur due to placing a Handpan on a magnetized base we couldn’t say.

Priced at circa £55 over at ETSY the Magneto is a fairly affordable dual purpose solution. And while there are currently no reviews of the Magneto to be found from customers at time of writing, as a seller, OrbisMusic currently have a near perfect almost 5 star rating from the variety of other Handpan accessories they sell there.

All-in-all the Orbis Magneto appears to be an interesting and well designed Handpan accessory that we could definitely see ourselves making use of. And should it be something that appeals to you also, you can find more information and/or make a purchase: HERE.

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