Rithvik Dhanjani Joins the Celebrity Handpan-Musicians Hall-of-Fame

From noted spiritual-leader’s like Sadhguru, through to actresses such as Golshifteh Farahani, the Handpan, and the Hang in particular, have attracted the attention of a number of “high-profile” fans of the instrument-type. With the latest addition to the celebrity HandPan-musicians hall-of-fame being Indian dancer and television star, Rithvik Dhanjani. Who after falling in love with our favorite musical metal-turtle, began a pilgrimage to obtain a Handpan of his own...

In an article in TimesofIndia.com Rithvik Dhanjani spoke of how he discovered the Handpan while vacationing in Berlin. Deciding there and then that he needed to add one to his instrument collection.

“I attended a street music festival in Berlin, where I befriended a man who was playing the hang drum and it was magical. That’s when I decided I would own the instrument someday... “

And while two years passed since first discovering the Hang in Berlin, another recent article explains how Rithvik Dhanjani never forgot that sound - and of how he recently, finally, acquired his own Handpan - which can be seen / heard in the following video...

With Rithvik Dhanjani further stating that he believes it's important to have a hobby for your wellbeing, 'I'd read this, you must pick 3 hobbies, one to make you money, one to keep you in shape & one to keep you creative. I guess I already found 3. I always make a point to do something I've never done before to keep me going.'

For more information on Rithvik Dhanjani, you can find him over at Facebook: HERE.

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