Indian Spiritual Leader, Sadhguru, Plays Handpan

Not to be outdone by fellow spiritual-leader the Dalai Lama, whose tentative Handpan performance(s) we documented back in 2016, Jaggi Vasudev, more commonly known as “Sadhguru”, the Indian yogi and mystic, with a large following. Also appears to be a big fan of the Handpan instrument - as can be seen in the following video, within which Sadhguru goes beyond the Dalai Lama’s gentle prodding of the instrument, to offer up a short, but fairly solid performance of his own (featured below).

"If you cannot notice your breath, how will you notice anything subtler than that?"

Founder of the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world and is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives. He was conferred the Padma Vibhushan award by the Government of India on 13 April 2017 in recognition of his contribution towards spirituality.  And as a measurable metric of popularity for these modern times, Sadhguru has well over two million followers over at Facebook. And an almost equal number of Twitter fans too.  And without further ado, here's Sadhguru, performing upon "Hang drum" (Handpan)...

To learn more from Sadhguru, you can find him over at Facebook: HERE

The PanBoeddha Workshop - An Amsterdam-Based Handpan School

While here at HPM, we’re in the habit of focusing more on online Handpan endeavours, particularly in regards to highlighting online learning resources, such as David Charrier’s “Master the Handpan” series of online courses. Occasionally we also like to take a look around, and see what Handpan folk are upto - beyond the constraints of the interwebs.

Handpan gatherings and festivals have long been popular, and beyond those as meeting points, locations such as the PANArt Hanghaus have (at least in days gone by) long served as pilgrimage-like destinations for fans of the instrument type. While other makers such as EchoSoundSculptures, also continue that trend by hosting regular concerts and meetups.

And should you be in, or able to travel to Amsterdam - another location we’ve been learning of more and more recently, is the "PanBoeddha Workshop". A non-digital route through which those looking to expand their skills, or perhaps even get their first touch of a Handpan, can explore the instrument, in the company of fellow Handpan enthusiasts, musicians, and students...

'If the mountain will not come to PanBoeddha Handpan school, Pan Boeddha traveling Handpan school will go to the mountain!’.

In addition to offering Handpan-themed workshops at their location in Amsterdam, the PanBoeddha Workshop also offers a travelling Handpan-school.  Visiting such locations as Ibiza, Germany, and beyond, to bring a little Handpan-goodness to those unable to travel themselves...

To find more information you can visit PanBoeddha Workshop over at Facebook: HERE.

The Handpan Meets Steemit - Decentralised Open-Mic Nights

If you’ve read our post here at HPM titled, “The Two Million Dollar Bitcoin Handpan”, you’ll know that in addition to our love of Handpan, we’re also big cryptocurrency fans.  And while yes, should the whole thing crumble into dust in the coming months, as naysayers have been warning of for years, and our “Lambo” money is lost to the wind.  And we never reach that promised “Moon” - we might end up feeling a little sorry for ourselves - for now the ride is a tantalising one. And beyond the promise of untold riches, many great projects have formed in the wake of Bitcoin’s newly found fame. Borrowing from Bitcoin’s attempt to decentralise the monetary system - to make moves at the decentralisation of, well, just about everything. Including social media, which is where Steemit steps in.

Barely a day passes without us becoming increasingly alerted, to the ways in which social-media giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, overstep and overreach, in ways that many do not find comfortable. And platforms such as Steemit, built on the “blockchain” technology popularised by Bitcoin, aim to distribute the power of the platform among the platforms users - while still providing the same functionality. And in the case of Steemit, distributing ad revenues earned, between contributing users, rather than further lining the pockets of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. Allowing (among other things) Handpan performers such as ShaktiSun (featured below), to take part in Steemit open-mic sessions, and potentially earn some free cryptocurrency for doing so…

Joined by the likes of Hernán Suárez, another Handpan fan of Steemit held open mic sessions...

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