How to Sing the Ding - Hang, and HandPan

Some SPB Ding Singing:

How to Sing the Ding - by Colin Foulke:

While we’ve featured Colin Foulke’s ‘HandPan Lesson’ YouTube videos before, this post is to draw attention to one lesson in particular. Because whether you regard it as an integral part of your playing technique, or more of a HandPan party-trick, singing the ding is something that every HandPan player is going to want to try out, at one time, or another.

Sounding a little like a whale’s song, the ‘Ding’ can be ‘stimulated’ to produce some very interesting tones, through a combination of applied speed, and pressure. Activating the harmonics (as can be seen in the video to the right of somebody singing the Ding beautifully on their SPB).
However, for many of us (possibly mainly just me?) ‘Singing the Ding’, is not as easy as it looks. And try as I might, I’ve not yet successfully managed to sing the ding myself (which I blame at least partially on my main HandPan squeeze being a first gen Hang, which with their polished Ding, are notoriously hard to sing.) But don’t let that stop you trying...

Because thanks to Colin Foulke’s awesome ‘HandPan How To’ tutorial on Ding singing (just above). Which includes tips such as using ‘Rosin’ (a type of resin, often used on the bows of some stringed instruments, such as violin) to increase friction. You'll be singing the Ding in no time at all (assuming that is, that you're better at it than I am anyway - though I've not given up yet).
You can check out more of Colin Foulke's HandPan 'How-To' video lessons over at his YouTube channel: HERE, or you can visit Colin over at his personal website: HERE (where you can also keep an eye out for news of Colin's 'project in-progress', creating (along with fellow HandPan master 'David Kuckhermann'), the first in-depth HandPan playing tutorial DVD - guaranteed to be a must-have).
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