Colin Foulke - "Bringing the Steel Storm!"

Should you ever (God forbid), find that having listened to just one Hang / Handpan video too many on YouTube, feel that the magic of these beautiful steel instruments begins to fade for you, don’t worry. There is a cure.

Because while Handpan being an intuitive, and essentially ‘easy’ to play group of instruments can sound great in the hands of almost anybody, it takes the dedication of a true master, to really make one sing as it was intended to. And listening to the likes of veteran Handpan player ‘Colin Foulke’, quickly washes away the jaded tarnish of a thousand "first time playing my (assorted HandPan)" style videos, and reminds you of what it was, that made you fall in love with the sounds of the Hang in the first place. Or for those newer to the ‘scene’, provides an audio treat, the likes of which will make you cream your pants.

Colin Foulke

Born, and raised in Southern California, Colin’s first love was the Cello, but when later turned-on to the sounds of the Hang after stumbling across a video online, he soon fell in love all over again. And as with the Cello before it, Colin began a new journey to master the Hang. And while perhaps, complete mastery of the HandPan is something that can never be achieved by anyone in one lifetime, Colin Foulke comes as close as any of the other ‘big names’ in Hang / HandPan music. And his fourteen track self-titled album, featuring tunes such as the majestic ‘Steel Storm’, and the ding-singing dark lullaby ‘Goodbye’, recorded using five different HandPan, and a variety of other worldly instruments, will, and without meaning to sound cliché, 'stir the soul', and at times soothe it too. It will lift you up, and toss you around. Open old wounds, before kissing them 'all better' again, and then at journeys end, will tuck you in, and send you off to a peaceful, and fulfilled sleep. (or at least, that's how it was for me). ;)
You can preview (in full), or purchase Colin Foulke’s self-titled album over at HERE.

Or alternatively visit Colin Foulke’s personal website: HERE. Or for all manner of assorted HandPan goodness, visit Colin over at his YouTube channel: HERE.
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