The Pantheon Steel Web-Store 'Makers Section'

In this post we’ll be highlighting the Pantheon Steel Web-Store ‘Makers Section’ (for those who aren't already familiar with it). And as such, my words will mainly be formed of dreaming, and longing, and drooling - all of a nature that will unfortunately most likely never be sated. Because unfortunately, at the time of writing, I do not live in the kind of place where I could freely bang on steel with hammers all day, and all night. But, perhaps, circumstances favor you better?

The ‘Halo’ makers, Pantheon Steel, offer a variety of items via their online store, from soft-bags, to Halo stands. But it is very much the makers section of the store that captures the imagination of all who secretly (or more actively) dream of becoming a Yoda-like master of steel, able to manipulate it to the desires of one's will. And bring forth Angels.

From HandPan shells, and circular cut steel sheets, canvases upon which aspiring tuners (and those more experienced) can work, and hammers both hand-manual, and pneumatic, with interchangeable heads, to suit any task. Through to ‘tuning rings’, devices that hold the blossoming HandPan in place, during sinking, shaping, and tuning. And the ‘Lazy Du’, a proprietary device that enables easy rotation of the HandPan to be, during manufacture.

 In fact, they sell pretty much everything you’ll need to set up your very own Willy Wonka style HandPan factory. But, it’s certainly worth reading through, and digesting thoroughly, the ‘Caveat Emptor’, that Pantheon Steel kindly took the time to write, and publish. That to me reads along the lines of, “Yes, we know you’re very excited, and we know that you’d like to get started right away, but please, do not waste $5000+ of your hard earned money on this stuff, if you really haven’t thought it through as well as you might have... this world does need more HandPan makers, but it does not need more people with impulsively emptied bank accounts, and broken dreams”.

A message that should certainly be considered strongly. But at the same time, it’s great that Pantheon Steel are able to offer pretty much everything necessary (bring your own dedication) for the would-be HandPan maker, and/or those already tuning, all in one place. For those who have done the math, and decided that this is a path that they're committed to.
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