Three Hot Handpan Cover Songs

To paraphrase the words of “Mugabe”, from the Zoolander movie franchise, “Handpan covers - so hot right now!”.  In fact, over at our own Handpan Tube Facebook page, over the last month or so, the majority of the most popular videos we've shared, have been covers. Because while it’s always truly awe-inspiring to hit that play button and be met with a truly beautiful, original, Handpan composition - there’s definitely something cool in hearing some popular favourites getting the Handpan-treatment.  

An so with this post, we’ll be sharing three of the most popular Handpan covers of recent times…

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Courtesy of Asmus Drejer and Mikkel Hæk, this cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, proved to be a Handpan Tube favourite.  It's quirky, and it's fun, which is what makes it a favourite with us too.

YouTube description: ‘We decided to record our version of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" in a parkinglot in Silkeborg City. All reverb in the video is 100% natural. It's was amazing playing down there. We made a massive effort to make this video as good as possible, and we are pretty pleased with the result.

I'm playing a Pi Handpan tuned in Cm.
Asmus is playing a LAG "4 Seasons" 300DCE Autumn’...

Sting - Fragile

As beautiful as it is fragile, this cover of a Sting classic is something not to be missed.  From the Handpan to the vocals, Philippe Gagne’s rendition hits all the right buttons.

YouTube description:  ‘When I was younger, both my parents were listening to a lot of 70's and 80's classics, this one being one of them.
This song always make me think about my father, so here it is for him.

Played on Ayasa Flora E/ A B C# D E F# G# A B transformed into Romanian Hijaz adding C - D# - G respectively.’...

Nine Inch Nails - Right Where it Belongs

Last, but certainly not least, comes this cover of “Right where it belongs”, originally by Nine Inch Nails.  With Mumi on Handpan you know you can’t go wrong - we’ve been fans of Mumi here at HPM for a good while now and she never disappoints, but with this track, once again, she’s gone “next level”.

YouTube Description: ‘Composed by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
Performed by Giacomo Cella (Jacky 0) and Emma Grassia (Mumi)
Mixed by Giacomo Cella (full description at YouTube)...

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