BEllArt BElls HandPan - The Spanish-Made 'Hang Drum' Alternative

(!) This post may now be out of date - but has been left published for archive purposes.  It may still prove to be of interest, but some (or all) details may now be out of date (!).

Built in Spain by, ‘Luis Martin Eguiguren Garrido’, BELLArt BElls, along with the Halo, and the Caisa, were among the first HandPan to be made available for sale, following the popularity of, and demand for, the original, the PANArt Hang.

Considered by most (at time of writing) to rank among the best HandPan available (especially later generation). Luis’s BElls, are increasingly sought after, often demanding prices almost as high as Hang themselves, when sold at auction on eBay. 

Arguably the HandPan closest to the Hang in design, with certain generation being very close, in terms of aesthetics at least. BELLArt, have attracted the negative attentions of PANArt (the original makers) over, and above any other HandPan maker. With legal battles being fought over copyright infringements.

Like the Hang, BElls were born from the union of characteristics found in such instruments as the steel pans of Trinidad and Tobago, the Chinese Gong, the Indonesian Gamelan, the African Udu. A Hand-played steel pan like instrument BELLArt BElls, envelope the musician and audience in a field of exotic surround sound. BElls usually come with either seven or eight notes (depending upon the model) positioned around the central base note, and like most HandPan, notes are positioned in an ascending alternating (zig-zag) pattern, that allows for intuitive playing.

BELLArt BElls have been produced in a wide array of different versions, and sound models, from the ‘standard’ model, which usually features seven notes tuned around a D ‘ding’, to therapeutic healing BElls - such as the 432Hz tuned BElls ‘Whimfire’.

With the last known price being somewhere around $1500, BELLArt BElls have proven to be an extremely popular alternative both for those who have found themselves unable to purchase a Hang, and for those with whom the BElls distinctive sound has found favor under its own merits. In fact, BELLArt Bells have proven to be so popular, that due to high demand, its creator is no longer (at time of writing) taking orders, and has stopped his mailing list (at least until the first 1000 BElls have been produced, and shipped to their owners). Issuing notice that any and all new information will be posted via the BELLArt forums.

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