Manu Delago - Music Made in Silence

‘Manu Delago’ is not just one of the most talented Hang players within the newly forming HandPan music scene, he is also, arguably, the most successful, accessible, and well-received.  Standing alongside the likes of ‘Davide Swarup’, and ‘Dante Bucci’ as a master of his craft, Manu Delago plays like he was born with his hand attached to a Hang, demonstrating skills that amaze both all who listen, and the viewers of his YouTube videos alike, earning him his place amongst the current Hang musician greats.

With just short of three million views (at time of writing) of his YouTube performance of the song ‘Mono Desire’ from the album ‘Made in Silence 2’, Manu Delago’s fan base is growing rapidly.  And with the same song having been featured as the soundtrack to a ‘Nurofen’ television
advert, and also having been voted ‘Best Hang Drum Video’ by a Facebook Hang fan page, Manu Delago continues to delight the ear drums of all who stumble across his work.

Austrian born, Manu Delago, discovered the Hang back in 2007, a discovery that combined with his natural talent would lead to his travelling of the world extensively, performing for those in awe of the beauty of the Hangs singing voice, coaxed from the resonant steel instrument by the accomplished fingers and palms of Manu Delago.  And in addition to the World tours, YouTube performances, and the organising of advertising deals.  Manu Delago, has also found the time to record ‘six’ albums (that we know of): Made in Silence, Living in Room, Handmade, Adventions, Made in Silence 2, and Colouring Book.  Go have a listen: Manu Delago Albums 
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