Xplosive Percussion Tank Drums

While there's not a lot of info on the guys over at 'Xplosive Percussion', if you're in the market for a steel tongue/tank drum, you may want to go check them out.
Formed by 'Clint Wilcox' and 'David Stilwell' in May, 2008, Xplosive Percussion strive to produce the kind of quality built instruments that would make 'Denis Havlena' (inventor of the tank drum) proud.  Handcrafted from custom built steel tanks, and with eight playable precisely-tuned tongues per drum, Xplosive Percussion tank drums are available in a variety of keys, scales, and professionally painted finishes, that really do make for a great looking instrument with a more than pleasant sound.
And with their tag line being: "When you strike
a drum, you connect with 10,000 years of human history. When you play our drums, you connect with the future." 
they pretty much sum up the Hang/handpan/tank drum phenomenon of recent years as a whole. With the converting of mankinds oldest and most stable of instruments, into one of our newest and most eclectic yet.

When available, you can find these great Tank drums for sale over at their eBay store: .
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