The Hang Drum and the Music from the Nurofen Express Advertisement

Following on from my discovery that the Hang drum was to be found being played within the soundtrack to the latest (at time of writing) Harry Potter movie ‘The Deathly Hallows Part 1’, I now find myself listening out for and discovering the Hangs easily recognisable tones in the most obscure of places. And so it was that while eating my tea on a cold and snowy evening while surfing the net with the television on in the background; I heard the Hang being played as the soundtrack to a new advert for ‘Nurofen’, a range of pain relief medication popular within the UK, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

Being quite possibly the Hang’s debut within the world of commercial advertising, the song being featured is ‘Mono Desire’ by ‘Manu Delago’, a beautiful song that with just short of three million views on YouTube, is widely regarded as being the most popular Hang drum video (and possibly song) in the world (to date).  And with the Hang’s close ties to meditation and healing therapies, the song is somehow appropriate in its use promoting pain relief.

‘Mono Desire’ can be found on the album ‘Made in Silence 2’, which can be downloaded from Amazon here: Made In Silence 2
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