The HAPI Drum - HAPI Tones Hang Drum Alternative

Probably the most well-known brand of commercially produced Hank/steel tongue drum type instruments available are the ‘HAPI Drum’, produced by ‘Hapi Tones’, the ‘Hand Activated Percussion Instrument’, that are being widely promoted around the Internet by fans as being, perhaps, the best all-round alternative to the PANart Hang (drum), for those unable to procure one, based on cost, easier availability, and a whole host of additional factors, not least of which is the HAPI Drums own uniquely beautiful singing voice.
An easy-to-play intuitive instrument, HAPI Drums are currently available in three versions: The HAPI Drum original, HAPI Drum Slim, and the HAPI Drum UFO
.  Each with its own advantages and benefits.  Built from the highest quality musical steel and utilising the vibrating steel tongues common to all Hank drums, the HAPI Drum are precision crafted, with the musical steel being pressed within HAPI Tones own unique molds, before being hand tuned and finished, to create the instrument that is fast earning its creators HAPI Tones the right to stand alongside PANArt, as innovators riding proudly this new wave of 21st century hand-played resonant steel.
Costing between $345 and $645 (currently) depending upon the model, HAPI Drums, are available for purchase from the HAPI Tones website: HERE.
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