The Garrahand - An Evolution in Steel Tongue Drum Technology

If ever an instrument were to be sent back from the future, by a mysterious organization known only as Skynet, in a bid to change the world of drumming forever, then the Garrahand, would most likely be it.

Created by ‘Federico Parra’ and ‘Ary Lacanna’ the ‘Garrahand’, is a great looking, and increasingly popular percussive instrument, based upon the steel tongue/hank drum design. However, where the Garrahand differs from many of the homemade propane gas tank drums, the Garrahand, is custom built from scratch, with the various components from body to the electronic elements, being built professionally, and constructed across four separate factories, to guarantee the sort of high quality build (usually) associated with other high-end commercially produced instruments.

A versatile all-purpose hand drum, the Garrahand, can not only be played acoustically
, to offer a pleasing sound not dissimilar to that of a meditation pan, but can also be jacked in to take advantage of the Garrahand’s in built pick-up system, and plugged straight into an amp, mixing desk, or effects pedal, to unlock a whole new world of playing possibilities.

Made from highly resistant steel, and with seven tunable tongues per drum, the Garrahand can be played either with hands or muffled sticks, has an in-built volume control on the side, and even features a mounting socket for attaching to a cymbal stand (if required), making the Garrahand the perfect hank drum style instrument, for those who like a little more to play around with.  And an instrument suitable for any type of drum-required situation, from meditation and healing work, through to a full octane charged live rock-show performance. And with Christmas just around the corner, a Garrahand, is certainly going to be sitting pretty, at the top of my own Christmas wish list.

Find Garrahand drum for sale at the makers website: HERE
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