Minecraft Meets the HandPan - Aria Math, by C418

While the majority of us most likely discovered the sounds of HandPan through a YouTube video shared online, or perhaps through live performance, people continue to discover the sounds of UFO-shaped singing steel, in all manner of places.  

Even if you're not much of a gamer, you've probably heard of Minecraft, and know somebody who does, or has, played it.  Lego-esque, with some survival-strategy, and more, thrown in, Minecraft, is, inarguably, one of this generations stand-out video-game success stories - selling 54 Million copies, to date, and counting.  And Minecraft is becoming increasingly responsible, for introducing the sounds of HandPan, to a whole new audience...

Heard this while playing Minecraft. I've never bought a song based on a video game before, but this one is such a masterpiece I had to pick it up!’, said one fan of the track titled, “Aria Math”, a prominent song featured within the Minecraft soundtrack, that features the sound of HandPan (sampled most likely - but hey!).  And with hundreds of others claiming Aria Math as their favourite Minecraft track, over at YouTube, you know that the Pan is a large part of what is making this a stand-out tune for many of these listeners, when many comment on the songs ability to evoke feelings of “sadness”, yet also “joy” simultaneously - a notable quality of the HandPan’s sound.

Produced by the German musician known as, “C418”, Aria Math features on the soundtrack, “Minecraft - Volume Beta”.  Which is the second Minecraft soundtrack produced by C418 (the first being Volume Alpha). All-in-all, Volume Beta features 30 tracks, and is 141 minutes in length.  And should you be looking to grab yourself a copy for your MP3 player of choice, to bring the sounds of Minecraft with you into the “real world”, you can find it available for sale over at Amazon: HERE
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