The Daniel Waples Signature Series of HandPan - from TerraTonz

*Daniel Waples perfoming on the original "Waples scale" PANArt Hang.
While Daniel Waples has in the past aligned himself briefly with several other makers of hand- played steel instruments - from Babel Drums, to OrbiPan.  It is with U.S. HandPan-makers, TerraTonz, that Daniel Waples appears to have found himself most at home.  With photos and videos appearing frequently of Daniel visiting the TerraTonz workshop - even wielding a hammer himself, from time-to-time.

When we interviewed Daniel Waples a few years back, he had approximately 30,000 Facebook followers, while at time of posting, he is closing in on 120,000 - making him Facebook’s most followed solo HandPan performer (with the HandPan-playing duo, Hang Massive, just ahead overall, at 142,000).  And Daniel Waple’s YouTube, and live performances, continue to introduce many, to the sounds of UFO-shaped singing-steel.

And the query, “What scale Hang drum does Daniel Waples play?” remains a question asked of search engines, that frequently sends visitors to this website.

The Daniel Waples Signature Series - from TerraTonz

The Daniel Waples signature series of HandPan from TerraTonz, are offered in two sound-models, The “Waples 8”, and the “Waples 9”.  While we couldn’t find it stated anywhere clearly on the internet at time of writing, we’re assuming that the Waples 8 model is of the following scale: (D) A C D E F G A Bb.  Which is the scale of the second-generation PANArt Hang (no. 472), that Daniel Waples was most famous for playing in his early years (that is now sometimes referred to as the “Waples scale”) - a Hang that Daniel offered up as a prize to one of his fans in 2013. 

Another reason for assuming the former, is that the Waples 9 model from TerraTonz, features the following notes: (D) A C D E F G A Bb D.  Which is obviously the same, but with an additional D.

Check out the videos below to hear what they sound like...

For more information on the Daniel Waples signature series of HandPan from TerraTonz, you can visit their website HERE.  Or connect with TerraTonz, or Daniel Waples, at Facebook.
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