Daniel Waples Inspired Steel Tongue Drum - The Babel Drum Titan

With over thirty thousand Facebook followers (at time of writing), and literally millions of views to his YouTube videos, if any Hang / HandPan musician is deserving of an instrument built in their name, as an ambassador of the genre, it has to be Daniel Waples. And that’s exactly what’s happened.

‘Babel Drums’, manufacturers of steel tongue drum based in Daniel’s home country, the UK, have teamed up with the world travelling HandPan artist to create a special version of their ‘Titan’ model of drum. The Titan, is Babel drums largest offering, weighing in at 7 KG, and measuring a height of 18 cm, with a diameter of 41 cm. And the model in question, as endorsed by Daniel, is tuned to the ‘Waples’ scale - which is actually the C-Mixolydian sound model, as per Daniel Waples favorite, and most frequently played PANArt Hang.

Handmade in the UK (as previously stated), Babel Drums are made of stainless steel (little chance of rusting for these drums), and in addition to the Titan, are also available in, ‘Mezzo’, and ‘Iona’, (or in other words, small, medium, and large). And in addition to the Waples scale Titan Babel drum, Babel drums are available in a number of popular scales. Prices for Babel stainless steel tongue drums, at time of writing, start at £295 (for the smaller model), with the Daniel Waples Titan model being priced at £550. So that should you be wanting to play along with Daniel on YouTube, or be looking to make your own Daniel inspired beats, and melodies, > Click here < to visit the Hang-in-Balance website for more information.

Or alternatively, you can visit the Babel drum website for information on the rest of the Babel range of steel tongue drum: HERE  Or you might prefer to read our interview with Daniel Waples that we published in 2013: HERE
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