The Tielldrum - A Kalimba-Like UFO Drum

A few days ago we took a look at the Hudeel, a Handpan-esque steel Udu drum, as part of our imagined Handpan-orchestra.  But an orchestra needs more instruments.  Sure, we could add in some Bass Halo from Pantheon Steel, on the deep-end.  But to reach those particularly twinkly places, we might consider the Tielldrum, a Kalimba-like singing-UFO, with a strange wibbly-wobbly quality to it..

Interestingly these have been around since 2014, and this is the first time we’ve seen one. Rammerdrum were around for a few years before that making classic-type steel tongue drum, but at some point in-between then, and now, they snuck the Tielldrum into their arsenal under our radar.  And now that we know about it, we’re claiming it as a contender, for our fantasy Handpan-centric-ensemble…

Find more information over at Rammerdrum's website: HERE Or find them at Facebook: HERE


Four Hands One HandPan - A Steel Connection

While it’s not something that we stumble across as frequently as we'd like to over in YouTube land, one of our personal favourite things about the Handpan instrument here at HPM, is the way in which one instrument can be comfortably shared between more than one player.  Duets featuring more than one Handpan are common. But we’ve always found something quite special in watching, listening to, and even experiencing for ourselves from time-to-time, steel shared...

The Handpan's shape fits perfectly between two people, and with the instruments specially designed sound-models / scales, that in general make it near impossible to hit a "wrong" note - playing Handpan with another, is always a lot of fun.  And while saying that it's a little like making "musical-love", might sound a little cliche.  We'd encourage you to try it for yourself (if you haven't already), and see if you don't feel - just a little flustered...

So that while with our reference above still in mind, the following may sound questionable - If two people just aren’t enough for you, well, the more the merrier.  As can be seen in the following Handpan-gang-bang from this years GRIASDI Handpan Festival - in which five “morally-loose” Handpanners, all share one Handpan, to great effect...

And should you be world-renowned for your “Magic Hands”, all the better...


The Hudeel - A Handpan-Esque Steel Udu Drum

Interesting variations on the classic Handpan design are always fascinating.  In the past we’ve had the Ohm from Dave’s Island Instruments, an instrument made of the steel tongue drum, mixed with the Handpan. More recently the KUNDA, from Vision Instruments, a stringed Handpan instrument. And even arguably the Gubal, from Hang-makers PANArt themselves, is a hybrid-Handpan of sorts.

 And while the following new instrument, the Hudeel, like PANArt’s Hang Gudu, defensibly has more in common with an Udu, than a Handpan. Listening to it under the hands of a well-known player like Kabeção (below), you can clearly hear that the instrument shares certain tonal qualities with the Handpan. In addition to having a familiar Handpan-esque shape. And transferable skills.

We recently took a second look at the concept of PANArt's Gamelan-style Pang orchestra, and while we can see the appeal of an instrument like the Hudeel regardless of any Handpan connection (real, or imagined), with PANArt having turned their backs on the Handpan scene a-whiles back, if the Handpan is ever to have a legitimate steel-orchestra all of its own, instruments like the Hudeel, will likely form a part of it.

For more information you can find the Hudeel at Facebook: HERE


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