Porn Stars Vs Singing Steel - Miss Cherry Crush

While in the past here at HPM we’ve adopted Handpan-playing celebrities from more mainstream media, such as Golshifteh Farahani, to our knowledge, Miss Cherry Crush (pictured right), is the first singing-steel performer to have emerged from the racier world of "Adult Entertainment".  

It’s at this point that we should probably suggest that if you’re offended by such things, you might want to hit the back button now.  Because while it would be unfair to write Miss Cherry Crush off purely as a porn star - with her also running a heavily-subscribed to YouTube channel through which she entertains her followers in a variety of means and methods, she does run a nice sideline in used panties, and photos of her sticking things up her own bottom.

Still here?  


Then let’s meet Miss Cherry Crush, performing on her steel tongue drum (an instrument considered by some to be the Handpan’s little brother)...

Hailing from the U.S., Miss Cherry Crush has just short of 130,000 YouTube subscribers (that's nearly twice as many as top Handpan ambassador Daniel Waples).  And while you might expect her fans to be there for one thing only, the comments on the video above have revealed considerable interest in the instrument itself...

"Where did you get the drum? i feel like it's something that could make a persons life 100% better..."

Which just so happens to be a GUDA Drum Freezbee.

And in addition to her "naughtier" activities over on her adult-only site, Miss Cherry Crush also uses YouTube to offer such things as relationship advice, and tips for dealing with anxiety and depression.

You can find Miss Cherry Crush at YouTube: HERE. Or (Warning Adult Content) visit her "other" website HERE.

The Oktava Mk 12 Microphone - More Handpan Recording Samples

With the Oktava Mk 12 being one of the microphones awarded special commendation by Handpan musician, David Kuckhermann, in his recent Microphone comparison video - with this post we’ll be presenting a little more video footage from over at YouTube, of various Handpan recorded using them.

The following video from George Gain's YouTube channel titled, “Oktava MK-012 Pair TEST” tests a number of singing-steel instruments against a pair of the Mk 12s.  Including Hapi Drum, RAV Drum, and an Overtone Handpan.  While for extra good measure also demos a whole bunch of other instruments too. To provide a solid look into how the Oktava holds up, against pretty much anything that you might choose to throw at it.

While the following videos offer further example of how the Oktava Mk 12 sounds in use by Handpan musicians around the world.

Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot presents his Meraki Kurd9 Handpan recorded using a pair of Oktava MK-012 plugged into a ZOOM H4N

An official video from Ayasa Handpans pits a pair of Oktava against an Ayasa Adiyuga - E Kumo...

While YouTube user, djimbej, demos a Saraz F# Minor 9, again using two Oktava MK012's...


The Tielldrum - A Kalimba-Like UFO Drum

A few days ago we took a look at the Hudeel, a Handpan-esque steel Udu drum, as part of our imagined Handpan-orchestra.  But an orchestra needs more instruments.  Sure, we could add in some Bass Halo from Pantheon Steel, on the deep-end.  But to reach those particularly twinkly places, we might consider the Tielldrum, a Kalimba-like singing-UFO, with a strange wibbly-wobbly quality to it..

Interestingly these have been around since 2014, and this is the first time we’ve seen one. Rammerdrum were around for a few years before that making classic-type steel tongue drum, but at some point in-between then, and now, they snuck the Tielldrum into their arsenal under our radar.  And now that we know about it, we’re claiming it as a contender, for our fantasy Handpan-centric-ensemble…

Find more information over at Rammerdrum's website: HERE Or find them at Facebook: HERE


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