Woodpan - Half-and-Half Handpan made by Sew

While the Handpan is a thing of beauty in its traditional form, as imagined by the original Hang-makers, PANArt.  It’s human to find fascination in variations, and anomalies.  Something Handpan makers around the world have provided us with in plenty over the years, as they continue to experiment with the singing-steel UFO form. 

Not quite as “woody” as the Hamgam, but still pretty woody, are these somewhat unusual Handpan from Sew.  A new range of Italian-made instruments known as “Woodpan”,  that feature an upper-dome made of steel, and a bottom-shell made of 50-year aged wood.  Coated in a special wax made of Mexican insects, a process reportedly used in the creation of musical instruments by artisans in the Middle Ages…

And as an added bonus, the demonstration video is a short performance from one of our favorite Handpan performers, Sam Maher, which you can take a listen to below... 

"Woodpan was born with this particular purpose: reach a new frequency... Nature’s frequency, our heart’s frequency." From the Sew website. 

And upon listening, they do have a unique quality and timbre to their sound that is interesting to the ear.  And you can watch a short video of the Mexican-beetle glaze being applied to the lower-shell below.

For more information you can visit the Woodpan section of the Sew Handpans website: HERE

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