Back-to-Basics Handpan-Making - With Colin Foulke

The “Handpan-Building” section of this website where we’ve listed some of our favourite resources that we’ve stumbled across over the years remains one of the most visited sections of this website. Proving that building one’s own Handpan is still something that many aspire to achieve.

And while many makers these days seemingly utilize ever more technologically advanced tools and machines to industrialize the Handpan-building process. A recent video from noted maker, Colin Foulke, shows him putting most of the gizmos aside - in favour of little more than a tuning ring, and just three hammers...

“Inspired to get back to the roots of this art form I set aside all my tools and machines, selected 3 hammers, and set out to make a handpan 100% by hand.” 

An amazing resource for both new and seasoned makers, the video provides a walk-through of how to build a Handpan with only the most basic of equipment. And as is usually the case with Colin Foulke’s creations, the end results are beautiful. In fact, it’s the very Handpan you can hear playing throughout the video.

And should you be visiting this page prior to Christmas day, 2018 - we'd definitely recommend watching the above video all the way to the end...

Learn more about the work of Colin Foulke over at his website: HERE.  

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