HandPan Wall-Mount Solution - By Artful Steel

It is well known within Handpan-circles, that storing your pan(s) within most bags, or cases, for any extended duration of time, will increase its chances of succumbing to rust damage.   And while a moisture-eater can help fight this off, Handpan players have experimented with all manner of alternative storage solutions, from IKEA-type shelving units, through to the more ornate, and custom made Handpan stands, offered by “HandPan Stuff”.

Another option, as offered by another company that we recently stumbled upon, named “Artful Steel”, is to wall-mount your Handpan.    

The product offered by Artful Steel, is a wall-mount solution, designed specifically for Handpan.  A kind of hook, and protective-base construction, that allows for a Handpan to be hung on the wall - minimizing the amount of space needed for the storage of a pan, in addition to, as their website states, showing off your hand-crafted musical instrument, as the “work of art”, that every Handpan, in its own way, is.

The steel arm (wrapped in a protective coating) is connected to the "landing base", a cushioned "buffering" area, that protects your instrument from direct contact with the wall. And in addition to looking very cool, there's no denying that it's a very practical solution, to the Handpan storage problem.

The price (around $100 at time of posting) came in for some criticism over at Facebook at time of launch, but presumably, if demand is there enough for the product that later batches can be produced in larger quantities, the price will begin to fall. And ultimately, you probably don't want to be hanging your instrument on the wall, without its protective case, on something that has been made-on-the-cheap.

You can watch a video of Handpan musician, Dan Mulqueen, unboxing his Artful Steel wall-mount below...

And find more information over at the Artful Steel website: HERE

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