Jimmy’s House of Hammers - Specialist Handpan Making Equipment

One of the most visited pages on this website has always been the “how to make a Handpan” page - where (in lieu of anything resembling an actual step-by-step guide)  we have collected over the years various videos, and resources, that we hope might be of use, or interest, to those looking to start building their own pans.  

And so it is in that spirit that we’re using this short post, to share word of the recently launched: “Jimmy’s House of Hammers” - suppliers of specialist Handpan making equipment, brought to you by, Jimmy James, of Aciel.

At time of posting, the sale of tools, and supplies designed specifically for the production of Handpan, is fast becoming a niche-market within itself.  And while not all suppliers of DIY handpan making equipment demonstrate some kind of finished product, qualifying their wares as being “fit for purpose” - Jimmy James’s experience with the Aciel Handpan, should be enough to make anybody on the look-out for specialist Handpan building tools, with proven results, interested in taking a peek…

'several well known makers and many new ones already find my hammers helpful I am now making them available to a wider public...' - Jimmy James

For more information you can visit Jimmy's House of Hammers over at Facebook: HERE
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