FrogLube - Environmentally-Friendly Rust Prevention for HandPan

While, as we’ve said before, at HPM we’re Ballistol users when it comes to protecting our Handpan (primarily because it’s generally easier, and cheaper to get your hands on in the UK), FrogLube, a biodegradable lubricant made from "USDA certified food-grade ingredients" has, almost inarguably, at time of posting, become the global Handpan community's rust-prevention treatment of choice.

It’s environmentally-friendly, it’s non-toxic, and perhaps most importantly for our purposes, the results of the only independently carried-out test to have been conducted (to date that we know of) of rust-prevention treatments upon shards of Handpan shell - showed that using this milky-green goo, is about as good as it gets, when it comes to preventing Handpan corrosion.

Believed to be made entirely from plant-matter - FrogLube, ranked highly among the top contenders, in a study conducted by forum user, Mudman, over at And to give further weight to its popularity within the Handpan community, FrogLube is also (at time of posting) stocked, and sold by at least the following Handpan makers: Saraz, Pantheon Steel, and PanStream - and comes recommended by numerous others.

FrogLube is also stocked by Handpan hard-case makers, HardcaseTechnologies, who sell it alongside their cases (demonstration video below), and of course, FrogLube, can also be purchased at Amazon too (should that be more convenient).

Below you'll find another Handpan care and maintenance video by Handpan musician, Jeremy Arndt, demonstrating, among other things, how to apply FrogLube to your Handpan...

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