Ballistol - For HandPan Rust Prevention

While FrogLube has arguably become the HandPan communities rust-prevention treatment of choice, here at HandPans Magazine, we’re users.  In the only independent test of corrosion inhibiting products conducted to date (at time of posting) upon fragments of HandPan shell - both FrogLube, and Ballistol, ranked among the most effective.  

And being Europe-based, and with Ballistol being produced in Germany, we’ve found Ballistol to be a much easier product to source locally (there are now some European HandPan makers, etc., selling FrogLube as an accessory, but even so, considering that the two products were found to perform pretty much on a par, we’ve found that we’ve been able to source Ballistol at much more competitive prices - though of course, should you be located in the States (where FrogLube is produced), or somewhere where FrogLube is easier to acquire than Ballistol, no doubt you’ll find the reverse to be true.

What is Ballistol?

Advertised as being an Eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, cleaner, lubricant, and preservative; with 1001 uses.  Ballistol (meaning ‘Ballistic Oil’), was originally developed at the request of Germany’s army, prior to World War I, for protecting its firearms, and, like many of the most effective products currently being used to protect HandPan from the elements, remains popular with gun-users around the world.  

And within Germany, Ballistol is used almost religiously, where many folk believe it to have magical-like properties, where in addition to being used to protect metal, wood, leather, rubber, and synthetic materials, Ballistol is used for a multitude of unexpected purposes, even being used to treat wounds.

Ballistol Wipes

If, like us, you’re big fans of convenience, we can strongly recommend . With each individual pre-treated sachet-encased cloth being the perfect amount for giving a single HandPan a good covering.  And being perfectly-sized for stashing a few away inside your HandPan bag/case - for on your travels.

Additionally, while best used as a rust-prevention treatment, Ballistol should also easily remove any light surface rust, that may have already formed.

Frequency of Use

While how often you’ll need to treat your HandPan with Ballistol (or any other corrosion prevention treatment) is going to depend on what sort of conditions your HandPan is exposed to, we’ve found that a good wipe-down with Ballistol once every couple of months, is more than adequate, to keep our own instruments in tip-top condition.
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