Gu to Bed - At this HandPan-Shaped Treehouse Hotel

The perfect get-away for the HandPan musician in need of quiet retreat, this giant Handpan-shaped hotel room can be found deep within the thick woods of the Swedish village of Harrads.  And while the village itself may only be called home by six hundred or so inhabitants, people are increasingly coming from far-and-wide, to visit the ‘Treehotel’ that can be found there -  home to this gigantic metallic Handpan, nestling among the trees.

Designed by by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects such as Martin Videgård and Bolle Tham as well asMårten & Gustav Cyrén, the hotel promises to reconnect its guests with nature.  And in addition to the Handpan-like UFO treehouse, there is also the ‘Mirror Cube’ treehouse, a mirror-enveloped cube-shaped treehouse, high among the trees, that seeks to blend in completely with its environment, and a huge bird’s nest themed treehouse, that from the outside at least, is pretty much what it says on the tin - while inside, things, are a little more luxurious.

At nearly $500+ a night this isn’t the cheapest lodgings that you’re likely to find, but, it is certainly unique.  And for us, taking a trip to see the locally-visible Northern Lights, would be the cherry on the top of a stay here - if, a Handpan-shaped treehouse with stairs leading straight up through the GU, were in need of such things, as cherries.  

Visit the Treehouse Hotel's website for more info: HERE

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