The SunPan - A German-Made HandPan

(!) This post may now be out of date - but has been left published for archive purposes.  It may still prove to be of interest, but some (or all) details may now be out of date (!).

Built by ‘Marti Gronmayer’, the SunPan is another HandPan built in Germany (arguably the current home of HandPan, at time of writing). And as far as is known the SunPan is very much a ‘cottage industry’ HandPan, with Marti hand-hammering the shells himself, and then tuning them.

Early SunPan deviated somewhat from the traditional HandPan model, featuring bottoms made of some kind of metallic-mesh, but have since acquired the ‘Gu-style’ bottoms common to most other HandPan. Which, combined with improvements in Marti’s skill at tuning, have led to what I personally consider to be an increasingly sweet sounding little HandPan...

Points of note:

* At the time of writing production of your HandPan (should Marti agree to make one for you) is said to be 8-10 weeks, following payment.

* SunPan are not made from Nitrided shells.

* The price of a SunPan at time of writing is between 950-1400 Euro

* It has been stated by ‘Nadine Beger’ (operator of the Caisa-Music website) that recently she has also become involved in the tuning of SunPan. Most HandPan enthusiasts believe that the tuner very much leaves their signature within the steel of the HandPan, so you may wish to be aware of who tuned (or who intends to tune) your SunPan, should you be considering purchase.

* If buying secondhand be aware that earlier SunPan (as is often the case with most HandPan) do not sound as pleasant as those more recently built.

The previous route to ordering a SunPan was via Marti’s YouTube channel: HERE (which may still work for you), or alternatively, the SunPan appears to have been brought into the Caisa stable, and as such, you can enquire and/or place an order via the Caisa-Music website: HERE

Find more information at the makers page: HERE
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