The Six-Note SpaceDrum - A HandPan for Beginners and Travellers

Like the 'Baby Caisa' (or 'BakPac Caisa') produced by Kaisos Steel Drums.  The makers of the French-made HandPan, the ‘Spacedrum’, also produce a smaller version of their creation, known simply as the ‘Six-Note Spacedrum’. And for those who like to travel, and would like to take their HandPan with them. Or for those new to the world of HandPans, and who are looking for a great starters HandPan. The 6 note Spacedrum, offers a variety of benefits, over some of their larger, and more expensive relatives.

So that while more experienced HandPan musicians might find only having six notes to play with limiting. With its smaller size, the six-note, can easily be packed-up, and taken on your travels with you. And being one of the cheapest HandPans available, at a price of between 542-649 Euros (at time of writing), depending upon your location, the six note Spacedrum could be a great way of finding out whether HandPans are for you, or not, without investing too much money.
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