Early Versions of the 1Tone ECLIPSE Steel Tongue Drum

While searching through the thousands of Hang/Hank videos that have been uploaded to YouTube since the PANArt Hang first appeared on the scene back in 2000. I realised that some of the most beautiful looking steel tongue drums displayed online (that I’d noticed before but hadn’t paid as much attention to as I could have) are actually instruments produced by ‘1Tone’. The makers of the ‘1Tone ECLIPSE’.

And while (in my opinion) the sound of these early prototypes, compared to the latest version of the 1Tone ECLIPSE, sounds relatively poor (which is probably how it should be). These early 1Tone steel tongue drums look amazing. And are certainly worth taking a look at if you’re a fan of the ECLIPSE. Especially, as it has been hinted at, that at some point in the future, 1Tone may release a special edition of the ECLIPSE, featuring a customized airbrushed paint-job, reminiscent of these earlier prototypes.
You can check out more of these beautiful looking steel tongue drums over at Anton Koren's YouTube channel: HERE.
Or alternatively, (if you haven't already), check out the latest version (at time of writing) of the: 1Tone ECLIPSE, which might not look quite as pretty, but (in my opinion), is one of the best sounding Hank's on the market.
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