The Music of the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys - Vesica Piscis

Consisting of the Hang musicians ‘Danny Cudd’, and ‘Daniel Waples’, the ‘Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys’, formed in 2006, after meeting at a UK music festival.  And with arguably the best name in Hang music, these Hedge Monkeys, are highly skilled in the ways of the Hang.  And influenced by ethnic music from around the world, including Africa, and Australia, the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys travel the world, expanding their horizons, while producing some pretty damn good Hang music as they go.

‘The hang is a very special musical instrument. It chooses it's owner and not the other way round.’, state the duo, referring at least partially, to the required pilgrimage-like journey to the Hanghaus in Switzerland, for those seeking to purchase a PANArt Hang.

And having found many new admirers following their performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, (among others), the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys, released their suitably titled album, ‘Vesica Piscis’, (the name given to the particular symmetric lens formed by the intersection of two equal circles - as seen on the album's artwork) that was recorded in India in 2008.  That features tracks such as the soothing and uplifting ‘Come Inside’, and the epic ambient masterpiece, ‘North East South West’.

You can preview and purchase the album Vesica Piscis: HERE.

Or alternatively, go visit the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys at their website: HERE.
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