The SPB - The Russian-Made HandPan

Made in Saint Petersburg, Russia, by ‘Victor Levinson’, and crew, the HandPan most commonly known as the ‘SPB’, is (at time of writing) generally considered to be among the best HandPan being produced. And it has to be said, that SPB, are some very sweet sounding HandPan.

One of the ‘Big Four’, the SPB is a nitrided HandPan comparable in size to the PANArt Hang, and with a sound equally as moving. Yet while PANArt refer to their own creation as being ‘A Gift From God’, Victor Levinson, more humbly, has referred to his own creations from time-to-time as being simply, ‘just a lump of metal’. Something that many fans of his creations might be inclined to disagree with...

Unfortunately though, as with Hang (and many other HandPan) obtaining an SPB is far from easy. Partially due to high demand compared to the amount of instruments being produced. But also due to the fact that even should you be lucky enough to be offered an SPB, a trip to Saint Petersburg is required, to collect the HandPan in person (something that could be considered to be either a pain, or an adventure to be had, depending upon your point of view).

The Price of the SPB has at this time not been made public, and Victor has requested that this remain so for now. And while there is no official waiting list for the SPB, the usual route for messaging Victor is through his YouTube channel: HERE (though evidence suggests not to expect a personal reply any time soon).

Points of Note:

* Victor Levinson himself does not refer to his creation as the SPB, neither does he refer to his creation as being a HandPan. One alternative name for the SPB sometimes used is simply a ‘Victor Levinson Creation’.

* Of all the HandPan makers Victor is arguably the most open in sharing information regarding the creation of his HandPan, offering tips and advice to those attempting their own D.I.Y HandPan from time-to-time, and also allowing visitors to video him at work, and share the videos online for the benefit of others (some great videos can be seen on our ‘How to make a HandPan page’).

Check the makers page for more information: HERE
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