The Hamgam - A HandPan Made of Wood

The “Hamgam”, is an instrument that it’s difficult to officially welcome into the world of singing-steel that we celebrate here at HPM.  Primarily, because it’s made of wood.  But with its central head, surrounded by a complementary circle of membranes, and with a Gu-like bottom port, all encased neatly within a UFO-shaped structure - it’s not difficult to guess which instrument inspired the Hamgam’s creation (and of course, the name is a bit suggestive too - we must have mistyped it as "Hang-gam" a hundred times within this short post).

Like Pinnochio, all made of wood, the Hamgam will never be a real boy.  Or Handpan.  But utilising the intuitive note layout pioneered by PANArt, using the Hamgam’s seven tunable membranes, as the Hamgam presumably can (more-or-less) - gives it that something extra, over being merely an instrument attempting to rip-off the Hang; in looks alone.

David Kuckhermann demonstrates below...

The creation of Majid Drums, the Hamgam, as mentioned above, features seven tunable surfaces. One area which brings the bass sound, one snare surface, and 5 other drum surfaces that retain the percussion sound. And according to the maker’s website: ‘...the tunability is accomplished by a refined yet simple magnetic system.  And by moving the magnets on the playing surfaces, endless sound variations can be conjured’...

You can find more information on the Hamgam over at ETSY: HERE

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