HarmonicSculpture - Celebrating 100 HandPan Makers - April, 2016

Back in the year 2000, PANArt invented the Hang - and the whole world would come to agree that it was good.  But we all wanted one - and there were not enough to go around. Which was a problem...

Fast forward to 2010, the year this website was launched, and we knew of five other Handpan makers, all of whom, at the time, were pretty new to market.  

Five other Handpan makers, and PANArt themselves however, were not nearly enough, to satisfy the demand for this new, and enchanting instrument type, that grew daily.  And mayhem ensued. Of all kinds.  

Over the last six-odd years we have slowly watched our list of known makers grow, with it finally exploding across 2015-2016.  We weren’t expecting it - but over the last twelve months or so, we’ve been adding to our list, maker after maker.  Some days with such frequency, that we’ve had to open up the list, and add another link, mere moments after closing it, from adding the one previous.

Like a Handpan Big-Bang - we never saw it coming.  But we’re glad that it’s here.  And so it is, that yesterday evening, we added our 100th maker to our Handpan makers list.  The HarmonicSculpture.  A Handpan made in Italy, by Matteo Gusmeroli. And to celebrate this landmark moment in Handpan history, we invite you to take a listen below…

It's been a fascinating ride here at HPM.  Like an obsessive Handpan freak, looking down from an observation platform, watching the story of Handpan unfold before us - we've rejoiced, and taken pleasure, in each, and every maker.  

And what the future might hold, for the steel-turtle, that crawled out of the nothingness, among the picturesque slopes of Bern, and reformed the world around it - your guess, is as good as ours...

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