Yatao Music - HandPan Mutualism

The guys behind HandPan Tube’s most popular video, for March, 2016, “Prag”, are Yatao - a Handpan duo hailing from Berlin, Germany.

When it comes to Handpan, two, often seems to be the magic number. Handpan duos such as Hang Massive, Anuah, and LUMI, have always been popular.  And Yatao’s recent video offering (below) places them from the start, among the best of the already established performers.

As one viewer commented over at Handpan Tube, “Nice mutualism”.  And when you watch the video, it’s impossible not to get a sense of a strong symbiotic connection between the two.  While the music itself is airy, and uplifting, with just that tinge of melancholy, that the Handpan naturally brings...

Malte and Alex, randomly met in the summer of 2014 at a small festival in Northern Germany. Starting with a spontaneous jam session they soon afterwards decided to make music together on a regular basis.  

'Both totally charmed and fascinated by the instrument Hang are willing to spread their love for music in the world. You will hardly ever encounter us without their instruments because we always want to be ready to play. Trying to create an atmosphere of total relaxation and inspiration in which people can just follow their mind dreams...'

You can find Yatao over at Facebook: HERE, or visit their website: HERE

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