T-Shirt Spotlight - ReefPan, by Charlatan Crew

A short t-shirt spotlight post, to highlight a recent design from the artists at Charlatan Crew ,titled ‘ReefPan’.

The Charlatan Crew have offered up a number of great Handpan-themed designs in the past, for those who like to wear their love of the pan on their chest.  Including designs featuring: Buddha, Ganesh, and beings from other planets.  But it’s their most recent design, featuring a reef / Handpan amalgamation, complete with cheeky sound-sculpture turtle, and jellyfish, that has really earned our love.

There are now a whole bunch of Handpan t-shirts out there featuring little more than a simplified Handpan pictogram - and while there can be a beauty in simplicity - it’s always more interesting to see a designer who takes the idea, and pushes it that bit further.  

And with summer fast approaching, (at time of posting), this bright, and colourful design, or one of the other Charlatan Crew designs, could be just what the Handpan-musician, in need of spicing up their wardrobe, is looking for.

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