The Beautiful HandPan Music, of the Beautiful Mumi

A while back we considered doing a “The Women of Handpan” kind of post, highlighting those we considered to be the best female Handpan players out there.  Something about that felt weirdly wrong though - because even if approached with the best of intentions, it still feels a little like saying, ‘this is great Handpan music - for women’.  And while we don’t consider ourselves to be particularly “politically correct” here at HPM, when our Y-chromosome deficient brethren feature such artists as the incredible, Mumi - that kind of gender distinction, for our purposes, loses any and all value - it’s simply beautifully composed Handpan music, that speaks for itself, regardless of how much love the person playing it, may, or may not have, for such things as handbags, shoes, and the movies of Bridget Jones...

We first fell in love with Mumi back in May, 2014, with her YouTube offering, Pygmy Lullaby - and have enjoyed every video performance since.  We were big fans of the handful of videos Mumi put out with Luca Bertelli, under the name of LUMI.  And with the performance embedded above, Winter, being the first of a promised “Four Seasons” project.  We know that at the very least, we have another three instalments to look forward to - presumably, over the coming year.

Mumi and Luca Bertelli - as LUMI

For more Mumi awesomeness, and to await the coming of the next three seasons, you can find Mumi over at Facebook: HERE.  Or subscribe to her YouTube channel: HERE

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