The Meridian Handpan Riot-Proof Pan Shield

With the world in a stage of great unrest right now, with riots and protests spanning from Hong Kong, to France, to Chile, and a dozen or more places in-between, this feels like a good time to share a product we recently stumbled across. Well suited perhaps for Handpaners in the midst of fighting the powers that be, but also wishing to protect their valuable singing-steel UFO from pepper-pellets, tear gas canisters, bean-bag rounds, and the blows of batons.

The Meridian Pan Shield

Here at HPM we’ve shared all manner of protective cases and shields for Handpan over the years - but the Meridian Pan Shield is the first to boast being made of a material that exceeds police riot-shield specifications.

Made from a clear polycarbonate this protective covering claims to be “practically shatter proof”, forming a force-field like dome around your instrument that, being immune to the flu as Handpan are, transforms your pan into something even more difficult to destroy than the tripods from War of the Worlds.

As can be seen in the testing footage provided below...

Priced at £175 per pair this riot-resistant Handpan armor is designed primarily for use with Meridian’s own make of Handpan. However, sizing info, etc, is available for perusal over on their website, and they are known to also accommodate certain instruments by other makers, such as Ayasa, and Shellopan - so if these are something that takes your fancy, you can find more info on their website: HERE.

Drums have long been used as instruments of war, and while the Handpan might more commonly be perceived to be of a gentler nature, they are, in their own way, revolutionary.  And if nothing else, beyond protecting your Handpan from everyday bumps and scrapes quite effectively - should you find yourself in the thick of an uprising while playing, well, you could always attach a handle to your Meridian Pan Shield, and you should find yourself suitably equipped to wade on into the fray. Should you be so inclined…
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