Battiloro Handpan - An Italy-Made Handpan Labor-of-Love

Seemingly meaning “beater” (as a translation from Italian), Battiloro Handpan were formed in 2016, following a love-affair with the Handpan that began much earlier, in 2007. These Italian Handpan-makers pride themselves on being small-scale artisan producers. With each instrument being a labor-of-love, giving each instrument the time needed to be sculpted, forged, tuned, polished and turned into a unique piece.

And having discovered them over at ETSY, it has to be said, that these guys are doing good work. With rather sexy, dark and brooding aesthetics, and unique astrological special-editions, like their “Deneb” model - named after the brilliant white star of the Swan Constellation, in 432Hz tuning (pictured above-right). That is said to “enchant with a crystalline, almost silvery major accordion. Aerial and soulfully serene, its voice emanates a shimmering joy thanks to it rare Chinese scale, resembling the gentle flickering of the evening stars.” - which you can listen to below...

"Stupendo!" one customer describes their received Battiloro Handpan over at ETSY (which we understand to mean "Wonderful!"). And in addition to being available for sale online, the Battiloro makers also welcome those residing within, or able to visit Rome, the chance to go try them out in person, as another option for those who prefer to play-before-they-pay. 

While additionally offering Handpan tuition courses via the Battiloro academy, held at their headquarters... 

Though alternatively, you'll find plenty of videos over at their YouTube channel to aid you in deciding if these are the Handpan for you, should you be unable to make the journey. 

For more information, and/or to make a purchase, you can find Battiloro over at ETSY HERE, at Facebook HERE, or over at their website HERE.

And as a side-note, in addition to Handpan, they also produce and offer for sale an interesting range of Handpan-esque steel-tongue-drum (which you can hear below)... 

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