The Glue that Holds the PANArt Hang Together - Info for HandPan Makers.

Just a quick info post, for those who might come looking.

If you’re interested in attempting to build your own HandPan, and are wondering what PANArt use to attach the two steel hemispheres that make up the Hang together. They’re not welded. But are attached using a type of glue named ‘Merbenit HS 60’ (or at least it was used by PANArt at some point, if it isn't currently).. And it's also believed to be used by at least several other HandPan makers as well. Making it at the very least, a good glue with which to start your HandPan building experiments.

Merbenit HS 60, is a ‘permanently elastic, high shore adhesive’, and, like the Hang itself, is a Swiss-made product.

* Quote from the Saraz maker, Don Marco, as to why he finds glueing is preferable to welding: 'There is magic in the glue....a mysterious perfect muffle and control. I barely understand it but can tell you the sound of a pan changes as the glue cures from wet to kinda dry to very dry. about 12 days after gluing, something abruptly special happens! a month later, something else. I hear even 3 months and 12 months later, there is still more development of the sound for some pans...'.

And the publishing of this post was responsible for the only personal contact we've ever had with Felix Rohner, Hang-maker, in which he lightly-reprimanded us, for revealing "...secrets of Hang-making".  Though we didn't feel too bad, as that particular genie was already well and truly out-of-the-bottle, circulating around the web.
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