The Mood Drum by ROVI - The Organically Tuned Soul Hank

We’re not entirely sure what the deal is with the ‘Mood Drum’, by ‘Rovi’ (having not played one). But it is considered to be something of an enigma, within the steel tongue drum world. Tuned by the ‘soul’, rather than to any specific scale. In a manner presumably, not dissimilar to that of the PANArt ‘Free Integral Hang’. i.e. an instrument that is in tune, essentially, only with itself. The Mood Drum, by Rovi, is described as being ‘organic’ in nature.

Created by ‘Ivor’, the Mood Drum is of solid build, and the standard model features eight (sort of) tuned tongues. And there are also limited edition models available from time to time featuring upto thirteen playable tongues. Designed to lift the players mood, through a barrage of colliding notes, and sonic resonance, the Mood drums sound, and playing style, would seemingly lend itself well to introspective meditative play, and/or musical therapy. So if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in, the Mood Drum could be just what you’re looking for.

And with an RRP of around the £200 mark, but frequent listings on eBay with starting prices as low as 99p, with which to grab a bargain. Rovi’s Mood Drum, could work out to be a great budget alternative, to some of the higher priced Hank-style tongue drums on the market. Especially if you're based within the UK, where postage costs will be minimal compared to shipping in alternatives from abroad.
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