The GombaDrum - A German-Made Hank Drum

Inspired by the Hank drum of Dennis Havlena (which in turn were inspired by the Hang), comes the ‘Gombadrum’. A German-made steel tongue drum born in Berlin, that like most Hank utilises a pentatonic scale, and an intuitive note layout, to create an instrument suitable for both professional musicians, and those with no musical training what-so-ever.

Played with hands, or mallets, usually with the Gombadrum placed upon the lap. Those who play conjure forth ‘billowing soundscapes, and melodic meditative rhythms'. And like the ‘Milltone’ (and several other steel tongue drum), the Gombadrum also features a magnetic tuning system, to allow owners to re-tune their instruments themselves, saving on costly shipping charges.
With standard model Gombadrum featuring eight tuned tongues, that produce a nice wind-chimey kind of sound. The Gombadrum sells for around the 400 Euro mark (at time of writing), and is available in a variety of scales, from ‘D Minor’, through to ‘Ahava Raba’. And like the ‘Sphaira’, and the ‘Klangauge’, the Gombadrum makes for a particularly attractive option for those located within (or close to) Germany. To minimise those ever costly shipping, and import tax charges.

Visit the Gombadrum website: HERE.
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