Create HandPan Samples Online for Free - Roc by Aviary

[Update] - Unfortunately, the Roc application now appears to be closed. :(

OLD POST - As a long term fan, and user, of ‘Fruity Loops’ (now known as ‘FL Studio’), the pattern-based music sequencer. I was delighted to stumble across ‘Roc’, by ‘Aviary’, an online beat-generator that allows users to utilise a library of fifty (and growing) instruments, to piece together their own musical masterpieces.

And what makes this specific beat generator special, over and above the fact that it’s all held online, and is completely free to use. Is the fact that one of the fifty instruments available for use within your creations, is, the HandPan.

Part of the ‘Aviary’ application suite, a collection of web-based multimedia applications, Roc, is both simple to use, and addictive. Navigate to the website, let it load up, choose your instrument (HandPan of course comes reccomended), let the instrument load in, and then get stuck in.
Create samples, or just hit the 'randomize all beats' button, and let Roc do all of the work for you. Edit your sounds, and save your projects. And then make complete songs (and even ringtones) by loading your samples into Roc's sister application 'Myna', an audio editor application. All online, all for free, and all within the cloud.
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