Hang Drum / HandPan T-Shirts, Hoody, and Other Merchandise

If you’re a Hang / HandPan player or fan, looking to show the world just how much you’re in love with your harmonic disc. Or you’re looking to buy a gift for the dedicated HandPan musician in your life, you could do worse than paying a visit to our HPM Spreadshirt store.  Where you can find a variety of shirts and garments decorated with our Buddhist monk inspired "Handpan Monk" logo.

Spreadshirt is an award-winning online marketplace that specialises in custom-designed merchandise. And the Handpans Magazine store features a selection of reasonably priced Handpan-inspired designs for both him, and her.

From our classic "Buddhist Blue" and "Fire Monk" designs (featured below), to our "Toxic Green" design (pictured above-right).


In addition to wearable garments you'll also find mugs for your coffee / tea / hot beverage of choice for sale.  And as always, a big "thank you" in advance - as the commissions we earn via our Spreadshirt store enable us to keep this website up and moving forwards.  

And so, on that note - if you find yourself with a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, and the desire to adorn yourself in some pretty stylish Handpan merch - you can find the HPM store: HERE

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