Hang Drum / HandPan T-Shirts, Hoody, and Other Merchandise

If you’re a Hang / HandPan player, or fan, looking to show the world just how much you’re in love with your harmonic disc, or you’re looking to buy a gift for the dedicated HandPan musician in your life, you could do worse than paying a visit over to CafePress. Where a Hang lover out there somewhere in the world, has designed their own range of Hang-style merchandise for you to adorn yourself with. With everything from hoodies, and t-shirts, in a variety of styles. Through to coffee mugs, and thermos flasks. Featuring a simple, yet stylish, UFO-esq, Hang / HandPan design.

Designed by prominent Hang musician ‘Gidda’, and worn by the likes of ‘Colin Foulke’ (creator of YouTube’s best ‘How-to play the HandPan’ series), and various other members of the Internets best HandPan dedicated forum: ‘HandPan.org’. These HandPan goodies are sure to put a smile on the face of even the hardest to please Hang-fan, come Christmas, and birthdays. Or if you’re feeling flush, why not just go ahead, and treat yourself...

[NOTE] Shop has now been moved from CafePress to SpreadShirt.

Buy: Hang / HandPan Merchandise

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[EDIT] - You might also want to check out : Pantheon Steel's Cafepress Shop if you're a Halo owner.  Or the 'SoundsInspiring' website for Hang/HandPan Jewellery: HERE

* More HandPan T-shirts and Pendants from Hardcase Technologies: HERE

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