A Smarty Pans ‘Sort of’ Hang Drum - A New HandPan?

While there’s very little to tell about it, at the time of writing, ‘Dave Beery’ of ‘Smarty Pans’, has recently uploaded a couple of new videos to his YouTube channel, that are evidence that he has been experimenting with the creation of his own brand of HandPan.

Dave Beery is a professional Pan maker, and tuner. With over fifthteen years of experience in his trade. Who specialises in custom pan creation, and pan tuning. And who is also the author of the comprehensive instructional videos: ‘How to Make Your Own Steel Drum’, and ‘Tuning, Tuning, Tuning!’ And as for Dave Beery's 'Sort of' Hang Drum. Well, there really isn't much else to say at this point in time. Other than that we're liking it, and that we're keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping that this is just the start of something beautiful. And we'll be updating this post, as and when new information comes to light.
In the meantime, you might want to subscribe to SmartyPansMusic YouTube channel. In order to keep yourself up to date with what's going on with this Smarty HandPan. And perhaps offer a little encouragement, in the hope of keeping Dave Beery interested, in continuing down this road.
Visit SmartyPans over at YouTube: HERE.  Or visit the website: HERE.

[EDIT] It appears that these are now being sold under the name 'Genesis HandPan', and can be purchased: HERE
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