Sabina Schärer - A Hanghang Maker

Sabina Schärer is one of the two now world famous (or ‘infamous’, depending upon your point of view) Swiss pan makers, and creators of the much sought after PANArt Hang (along with Felix Rohner). Seemingly the less vocal of the two responsible for breathing life into the Hang, Sabina Schärer, was born in 1972, grew up in Lucerne, and Bern, Switzerland, and has been playing in steelbands since 1985, when she joined the first children’s steelband of Switzerland, the ‘Nägeligass-Steelband’, at the age of thirteen.

And in these early years along her path, Sabina Schärer spoke of her deep connection to the steel pan, and of how the music she created with her band allowed her to express herself more fully, helped her to relax, and gave her the opportunity to ‘freak out’, as and when the mood took her.

Over the following years, Sabina Schärer continued to hone her skills on the steel pan, and travelled the world performing with various steel bands. In 1993 she became editor of ‘PANYARD’, a position she held until 1994. And in 1995 Sabina Schärer began work as a tuner with PANArt. A role that would ultimately give birth to the Hang. An instrument (or ‘sound sculpture’), that would take the world by storm, and within certain circles, elevate the name, Sabina Schärer, into one to be applauded.
See an early photo of Sabina, and read a short interview at HERE.
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