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If you love your Handpan, and we pretty much take it as a given that you do, you’re going to want to preserve it in tip-top condition for as long as possible. And this is going to mean purchasing (or making) a case for your Handpan. Something that is absolutely essential for protecting your Handpan while out and on the move.

And while the majority of Handpan come with some sort of case at time of purchase, over time these may become damaged and in need of replacement. Or if purchasing a secondhand Handpan, the case may not have been included, at time of sale.

Additionally, not all Handpan cases are created equally, so that while a soft-case might be acceptable for a quick jaunt nearby, if you have more serious travel (or protection) in mind, trading-up for something a little bit more robust to better protect your instrument, is never a bad idea.

And so, with that in mind, you can peruse our list of suggested Handpan case suppliers below...

Handpan Cases for Sale:

Evatek - by Hardcase Technologies

Arguably the most experienced Handpan case manufacturers in the industry, Hardcase Technologies have now been producing protective cases in a number of different formats for the Handpan, for a good number of years.  Working with makers and players to help their product evolve into what it is today, arguably the most frequently recommended selection of protective bags and cases for the Handpan on the market. With the Evatek, seen right, being (at time of posting) their current flagship model.

Available in a number of different sizes to suit different models of Handpan, various colours, and with optional protective "flight case" inserts.  Evatek can be purchased via the HCT Etsy store: HERE

Namana Handpan Bags and Cases

Now with a wealth of experience at producing custom-made Handpan bags and cases, Namana, are arguably the dark horse of the industry.  Their products might not be so widely spoken of as those of Hardcase Technologies, but they appear to sell a good number of their cases, and thus far, we've yet to hear of a bad review.  Less of a stock-option than the cases of HCT, Namana bags can be custom-made to your exact measurements and specifications, in custom colour schemes, and with varying levels of protection to suit your needs.  

You can find Namana Handpan cases available for sale: HERE

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