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If you love your HandPan, and we pretty much take it as a given that you do, you’re going to want to preserve it in tip-top condition for as long as possible. And this is going to mean purchasing (or making) a case for your HandPan. Something that is not only essential for protecting your HandPan while on the move, but also for storing your HandPan safely while at home.

And while the majority of HandPan come with some sort of case at time of purchase, over time these may become damaged and in need of replacement. Or if purchasing a secondhand HandPan, the case may not have been included, at time of sale.

So with that in mind, we’re going to compile a list of HandPan case suppliers. For those seeking such items. Which while limited at time of writing, will be extended as more HandPan makers begin to offer replacement cases, and/or independent manufacturers begin to offer HandPan cases for sale.

HandPan Cases for Sale:

PANprotection: HERE (Facebook)
HardcaseTechnologies: HERE
Pantheon Steel’s Halo: HERE
Spacedrum: HERE
Bali Steel Pan (and possibly other HandPan): HERE
HSPFactory softcase/hardcase: HERE
Softcase BackPack / HardCase (for Innersound and other): HERE
Softcase / Hardcase for OrbiPan (may fit other) : HERE
Namana Case: HERE
DeBagsPro: HERE (Website)
HandHand Music Bag: HERE
Panumbra (Kachua): HERE
Alienmark: HERE
Panji Bags: HERE

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