The HAPI Bell - Is it a tongue drum, is it a gong, or is it a singing bowl?

And the answer to the above question is, that this latest offering from ‘HAPI Tones’, the makers of one of the most popular Hank-style drums (and Hang drum alternatives) for sale (currently), is all three combined. As the ‘HAPI Bell’, like the ‘Transformer’ of the steel tongue drum world, is an interesting innovation indeed. Merging as it does, a six-note steel tongue drum, a gong, and a singing bowl, into a single, convertible shell.

In its complete form the HAPI Bell is a six note tongue drum, not dissimilar to any of the other HAPI Hank-style drums from HAPI Tones growing, and popular range. But remove the dome from the base, and the dome can be used as a gong, while the base (played using the supplied wooden dowel) transforms into a pretty sweet sounding singing bowl. Meaning that while those primarily seeking a steel tongue drum may find the HAPI Bell’s six notes only limiting, available in either ‘Hammered Gold’, or ‘Emerald Green’, and priced at $275 (at time of writing), the HAPI Bell offers real value for money, for those with more diverse needs.
You can find more information, and HAPI Bell for sale: HERE.
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